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Chase Timothy
Colby Britt

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Thanks for checking out Chase and Colby's website!

Baby Colby has arrived!!! And, on his due date!! Read more about his arrival and delivery in the journal.

Also, check out the website for more photos, and videos, of our family adventures and other journal entries about the boys! We would love to hear from you, too!  Please leave a message in the Guest Book. Smile

Love, Tami, Scott, Chase & Colby

Did you know... Chase Timothy was named after his Grandpa Arnold and Uncle Matt more fun facts
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Colby just turned one month old on the 14th... I can't believe it! The last month has been a mix of trying to get a balance with taking care of the boys during the day although Chase is mostly at daycare during the week, getting sleep at night, working on a few projects during the day to keep me san ...