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Jaden Tate Peterson
  Quick Facts

Born: 10/06/2007
Time: 12:00 am
Place: St. Cloud, MN

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Almost 2 1/2
posted on 03/30/2010

Jaden surprises us each day by what he has learned, what he is beginning to understand, and how he is growing.

Some milestones and interesting facts:

  • Jaden is HEAVY.  I haven't weighed him lately but I'm guessing about 35 pounds.  He's got some great thighs and his cheeks are still with him.
  • Jaden is slowly starting to try some new foods.  I would say about 1 new food each month or so which is making life a bit better.  His current fav is broccoli hotdish which is basically like a noodle dish from a packet-I know... bad mom.  I add in a whole bunch of extra fresh broccoli chopped to the teeniest tiniest bits.
  • Jaden is starting to tell stories, usually they are jibberish if you ask him to tell a story.  If he initiates it, he tells about the same thing over and over.  His current fav is about the water coming out of the mushrooms at the YMCA (those big waterfall thingies in kiddie pools)  He's deathly afraid of them but really likes to talk about them, how the water comes out of the mushroom.
  • Jaden still always says 'yes' to most things you ask him, like if he did this or that during the day.  I don't think he quite gets that concept yet, that he can answer 'no' if he didn't play with the trucks.  He doesn't like open ended questions yet.  He can't really tell you what he did but he can answer yes and no questions, again, most are yes answers for some reason.
  • Jaden has aquired a new talent and interest in singing at the TOP of his lungs while standing on his Thomas the train box, holding these little wooden logs as microphones.  Check out the video in the video section.  It's the latest one.
  • Jaden is completely and utterly jealous of the the time that baby sister is taking away from him with momma and daddy.  Luckily his anger and jealousy is only projected on us and not Mackenna.  He loves her up.
  • Jaden is a great sleeper.  He asks to go to bed at night.  However, he is still an early riser.  We had a little honeymoon period there for a while after the time change but now he's back to his early morning antics. Yikes, not cool, especially being sleep deprived.
  • Jaden LOVES being outside which is great. Can't wait to get to the lake.
  • Which brings me to the next fun fact.  Jaden still hates the water.  He LOVES to talk incesantly about the water, the lake, the pool, and all the swimmers he sees there but he still has yet to step foot in a pool without being dragged kicking and screaming.  If we can't get him to warm up to the water this summer he will start swimming boot camp, a.k.a. Mommy, Daddy, and Me swimming lessons at the YMCA.  It's taught by someone we know who says that she can get him to like it.  We'll see...
  • Jaden is still loving school and Sunday school.  He loves the routine of it all, singing the same songs, doing the same little chants. 
  • Jaden is a smart fart as we say in the Peterson family, in more ways than one!
  • Jaden is completely uninterested in potty training and will in fact completely refuse to sit on a potty.  Oh well.  He will when he is ready.  He still wakes up wet and really can't distinguish being wet or dry yet.  He does know when he as pooped but doesn't mind being dirty most of the time.  I'm sure that will change, too.
  • I know there are more but it's all I can think of for now.

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Late Fall 09
posted on 12/11/2009

Wow, it's been quite a fall!  Jaden is growing so much.  Here are his latests interests/skills/milestones.

  • Jaden can say many words now.  He copies a lot.  He loves to say "ok" when you tell him we're going to do something or go somewhere.  He is putting many words together to form sentences.  He's up to about 4 or 5 words now.
  • Jaden loves school, especially gym time and snack time.  He loves the sensory room.
  • Jaden will usually tell us when he has a 'mud butt' which is one step closer to being ready to potty train!
  • Jaden loves to sing.  He knows Twinkle, ABC's, Jingle Bells, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus loves me and more. 
  • Jaden love Sunday School.  He has most of our circle time things memorized.  He loves to sing Halle Halle Halle. 
  • Jaden enjoys going to the YMCA to the child watch center.  His favorite toys there are all the trikes and cars.
  • Jaden is remembering a lot these days.  He will remember what he did during the day and remember if we tell him he can have something or do something later.  He also remembers names well now.
  • Jaden calls all men either Grandpa or Daddy if he doesn't know their name.
  • Jaden loves to jump, run, touch the ceiling, and roll on the ground.  He likes to jump off of things, too.
  • Jaden is still working on his eating habits.  He will now eat a bagel with cream cheese on the top.  Organic shells and white cheddar as well as grilled cheese are staples as well as the puree'd stuff that he still loves. 
  • After a good 3 month hiatus we are back to stocking up on teething tablets.  This time, however, he can tell us when his teeth hurt and will ask for teething tablets and calms forte.  Horray!!
  • Since moving into town we have been so active and busy that we havent' really had time to watch many movies or tv shows but his favorites continue to be 'bob and larry', AKA Veggie Tales.  In the morning he gets to watch tv while I get his breakfast together.  He loves Mickey Mouse Club House, the short called Shaun the Sheep, and Special Agent OSO. 
  • Jaden is getting better at sleeping later in the morning. 5:30 has moved to about 6:15 or  6:30am with the help of his new bug clock, a reverse alarm clock that tells him that it's ok to start to make noise.  Now that he is teething, however, that's out the window till the teeth settle in.
  • Jaden is known to drag a kitchen chair over to the sink EVERY time I am doing dishes or even look like I'm going to do dishes because he loves to help. 
  • Jaden loves playing hide and seek with daddy.  He has only mastered the finding, though, not the hiding yet.  As soon as Daddy finishes counting he yells and comes running up to him. When Daddy his hiding and he finds him he squeals with delight!

That's all I can think of for now.  I know I missed a bunch of things but I'll have to update them later!

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Wow, can't believe it's fall!
posted on 09/27/2009

I can't believe it's almost October already.  Jaden has grown in so many ways since the last journal entry,so I thought I would take some time to update it.

Jaden started school in September at Jefferson Learning Center which is the local ECFE through our school district.  His teachers are great, two that teach all the kids and one that is the parent educator.  He has 10 kids in his class, all of them are either almost two or two.  He was a bit timid the first day.  He wanted to sit in my lap the whole time but gradually after about 20 minutes or so he started to explore the room.  They have centers set up each week with differnt toys that go with the theme.  He loves the toys he can build with and the kitchen area.  There is also a computer that he can play on.  His favorite part is playing in the big gym with a huge play ground equiptment and all kinds of cars and trikes to ride on. 

Jaden is getting a bit more couragious with food.  He has added waffles, buns, meatballs (only at Grandma Jackie's), watermelon, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and apples to his short list of foods.  Hopefully he will get even more daring as he gets older.

Jaden looooooves to ride around on his "bikes" which are basically those little cars or trikes that he pushes with his feet.  He likes to play in the sand, read books, play catch, and color.  He also likes building with blocks.

Jaden has become a much better sleeper.  He even asks to go "nigh nigh" which is awesome!  He's off the binkie during the day, only when he sleeps.  He is almost fully transitioned to 1 nap each day, too.  He is sooooo tired by noon, though it's sometimes a challenge to get him fed before he falls asleep.

Jaden had another photo shoot last week with Sarah.  She is so gifted.  She really captures his personality.

Jaden's vocabulary has just exploded lately.  He copies a lot of things he hears and can now make 3 word sentences and actually make sense.  His favorite phrase at the moment is I want it.  He loves to sing, too. He knows Twinkle, Happy Birthday, ABC's, Wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, and most recently If You're Happy and You Know It. 

Jaden likes going to Sunday School at Bethel.  He has about 6 or 7 kids in his class.  We meet in the nursery with all the kids and parents.  It's a good excuse to get to talk to other parents.  We have about a 10 minute circle time with songs prayers, a story, and a craft. 

Jaden has always been a very affectionate little guy but it's even more evident!  He asks for hugs and gives kisses to everything and anyone including the characters in his books.

Jaden will be 2 on October 6th.  I can't believe we will have a two year old. Crazy. We are planning an Elmo themed party.

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Finally another journal entry!
posted on 07/17/2009

Well, Finally I'm here with another journal entry!  We are a little busy around here lately.

Jaden's vocabulary is exploding daily.  He has picked up a lot of new words:  pocket, 'ning' for swing, dock, deck, bath, ducky, cracker, bar, milk, down, up, num num, airplane, car, truck and more that I cant remember.  He's really getting good with names now, too.

Jaden has started to slowly eat more and more new foods.  Most recently he has begun eating apples (not mashed to a pulp), bananas, monkey style, pasta, and supposedly meatballs at day care.  He is still very resistant to trying new things and anything with a texture but we are making progress even if it's very small.

Jaden loves to read books.  His current favorite is Love you Forever.  Elmo still proves to be his favorite passtime and a bit of of a superhero for him.  Anything Elmo will pacify him.  Jaden has learned to count, his favorite number being 9.  not sure why!Jaden loves riding on his little fire truck or his trike on the deck.

Jaden is an excellent napper and sleeper right now.  He is in between 2 and 1 nap a day, 1 at daycare and usually 2 at home because he's so tired from day care.

We hope to have good news soon on the tooth front.  His bottom eye teeth have beeen the slowest and possibly the most painful so far.  It will be good to have them over and done with!

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Lots of milestones this week!!!
posted on 03/30/2009

There are sooo many milestones that Jaden has reached this week!

I'll try to remember as many as I can!

  • His vocabulary has exploaded from 5 words that he used pretty frequently (Dadda, ball, hot, Jacob, and uh-oh) to a whole bunch plus he repeats a lot of words after me now.  Here's a small list:  eyes, numnum, peace,Jaden, Khia, cracker, juice, up, bye bye, and his first PHRASE, bye bye dadda or sometimes dadda bye bye, truck, car)
  • His 4th molar popped through
  • He has started to sleep more during the night, the last 3 nights he has slept through the night
  • He has had two days in a row of one long afternoon nap
  • He FINALLY learned how to sign 'more' after how many months of me using it??  ughh.  finally.
  • He had his first piece of pizza at Grandma Pat's.  I know, not exactly healthy, but with his crazy food aversions, it's a milestone for him to eat something that isn't mashed to a pulp.
  • He shared the peace at worship this Sunday.  We walked up to our guest organist and she said peace and he actually repeated it!
  • He can point to his ears and hair and shows you his teeth, nose, and eyes

That's all I can remember right now.  I'll be adding some pictures from the last couple weeks soon.

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It's almost Spring!
posted on 03/17/2009

Woo Hoo!  It's almost spring and Jaden is looking forward to getting outside more!  We've been up to a lot this last month. 

Our biggest adventure was a trip to Lincoln NE where we stayed with Deric and Jess. It was a great time and we even brough some of the weather home with us!  Check out all the pictures in the latest gallery!

More to come...

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Time flies!
posted on 02/06/2009

Jaden is 16 months old TODAY!  Woo hoo!  Jaden has had some milestones in the last month.

Jaden started feeding himself this month.  His favorite things to eat are: apple sauce, yogurt, lentil soup, bananas, Cheddar bunnies, and Mighty Bites. 

Jaden loves to play with his stuffed animals.  He is VERY affectionate with them and with anyone he is with.  He loves to give 'head butts' and hugs.  He still loves his cars, books, especially Baby Elmo and Horray for Fish. 

Jaden says some words now:  Ball, Diego,(sometimes), Mama, Dada, nigh nigh (we think), Uh-oh, and ooooooh. 

Jaden got to spend some extended alone time with Daddy when Mommy went to New Orleans in late January.  He did great.  He decided to lay off the teething until Mommy came home.  Great timing!

Tomorrow making our most recent video and getting it uploaded is on the 'to do' list so hopefully there will be something to watch soon!

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December/January Update
posted on 01/13/2009

Wow, I feel like a bad mommy and friend for not updating this thing sooner.  It's been BUSY!!  Jaden is a BUSY boy and because of that we are BUSY parents!

some highlights from December...

Dec. 22-24- Jaden and Mommy went to Grammie and Grandpa's because Auntie Krista flew in on the 22nd.  We had a great time at the Mall of America first, shopping for some Christmas presents and strolling which we haven't gotten to do becaue it's so darn cold in MN.  It felt good to walk lots and Jaden loved all the people, lights, action.  We did so much over those 3 days, mostly just hanging out, though, showing off our tricks.

Dec. 24- We went back to Willmar for Christmas with Daddy's side.  Jaden and I went to the 4:30 Christmas Eve service.  Jaden loved "Angels we have heard on high" so much that he started to 'sing' and didn't quit until about 5 seconds after the song was done.  His singing was commented on by a number of people!  I think he is a prodigy.  We had a great dinner at Grandma Pat's and opened presents.  All three of us were really tired that night.  Mommy fell asleep in Grandma Pat's chair at 9:30pm! 

Dec. 25- We packed up the car again and headed BACK to Savage to Grammie and Grandpa's to have some more Christmas cheer, this time we brought Daddy along.  We had some great meals including a venison steak dinner which Mommy and Daddy made for everybody.  It was VERY good!   Jaden loved the mashed potatoes!  We had a very relaxing time opening gifts, watching movies, playing with Jaden, and just being together. 

Dec. 27- We headed back to Willmar to hang out with Deric and Jessi who were up from Nebraska for the holidays and everybody else.  It was fun to get to see them again.  The cousins had some play time together.

Dec. 31- We went to the YMCA together for the first time for their New Year's Eve celebration.  We swam.  Jaden wasn't too thrilled about the pool situation, the noise of the water slide and all the kids screaming but he warmed up by the end and was doing a bit of splashing while holding on to Mommy for dear life.  (This will have to change as we are headed west to CA and there will be some swimming involved for a few of the days!)  After leaving the Y, we went out to Daucsavages for a GREAT time of eating, hanging out, playing the Wii, eating, eating, sleeping over, eating, eating, knitting, eating, oh, and did I mention, eating?  We had such awesome food. 

Since the beginning of the year we have had a couple milestone, more teeth, learning to blow, the word, 'wow' and 'ball' and walking.  He walks, runs all over the place now!  It's hard to catch him.  He's getting so sure of himself on his feet!

Stay tuned for the next installment!  Hopefully it won't be such a long wait next time!

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