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Jaden Tate Peterson
  Quick Facts

Born: 10/06/2007
Time: 12:00 am
Place: St. Cloud, MN

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Hey folks! Thank you for your patience if you have been checking this site.  We have officially combined Jaden's and Mackenna's site over at and have been regularly posting there.  I will keep this spot here just so we have our journals of Jaden's awesome adoption story, but we will be posting all new photos and info there.  Come check it out!






For those who may have missed the link earlier this year.  Here is Jaden's little sister, Mackenna's blog address.  Take a gander.  There are a plethera of pics, videos, and posts!



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Did you know... Jaden Tate Peterson's name means God heard. more fun facts
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Jaden surprises us each day by what he has learned, what he is beginning to understand, and how he is growing. Some milestones and interesting facts: Jaden is HEAVY.  I haven't weighed him lately but I'm guessing about 35 pounds.  He's got some great thighs and his cheeks are still wit ...