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Welcome to my website.  I have lots of family and friends that live far away so mom thought this website would be an easy way for them to see how I am changing even when they can't come visit.  She will be posting journal entries when fun and/or big events happen.  She will keep a growth chart and update pictures often so be sure to check-in frequently.  I love you all!

Did you know... Baby Grayson learned how to use a sippy cup on 08/06/2007 more fun facts

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Today we celebrated Christmas with Big G.  We went to Aunt Jaime's house and ate some yummy snacks and opened presents.  Aunt Jaime helped Logan open his presents and sin ...
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Born: 09/11/2006
Time: 08:33 am
Weight: 6 lbs 11 oz
Length: 19 in
  Last Updated: 01/14/2009
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