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Braden Miller Dunn

We are really enjoying life in Greenville, NC! 

Check out some of Braden's new photos taken in the daffodil field!

Did you know... Braden Miller Dunn found his/her feet on 04/01/2008 more fun facts

Daddy and Mommy said they're taking away my paci. I think I should protest.
Get over it kid!

Recent Photos

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Recent Journal

We moved to Greenville, NC in February and life here is great!  Mommy stays home with me, so she and I play A LOT!  Daddy is home most nights, so we get to have dinner to ...
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Quick Facts

Born: 11/13/2007
Time: 08:19 pm
Place: Barrington, IL
Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz
Length: 20.5 in

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