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  Quick Facts

Born: 30/11/2003
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Athens
Weight: 3.5 kg
Length: 53 cm

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Posted by: ...a friend
Posted at: Mon, May 26, 2008 - 00:56:42
You are a beautiful and strong boy!!!...
Posted by: Jeanne
Posted at: Fri, Aug 4, 2006 - 12:47:41
Congratulations with your beautiful brother! Take good care of him, the same way as your big sister takes care of you!
Lot s of love from Germany!
Posted by: GŁnter, Jeanne & Alexandra louisa
Posted at: Mon, Apr 10, 2006 - 01:27:41
Dear Alexandro!
Congrats on your beautiful website from Germany! As we are not able to see you often, we can now follow your steps of growing into a handsome boy.
Nevertheless, we hope to welcome you and your family soon in Hamburg! Many kisses to all, but especially to my sweetheart Valentini!
Filakia, Jeanne
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