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The Mini Cooper
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Due Date 12/17/2010

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Hi, everybody! Welcome! We're so thrilled to be sharing this experience with each and every one of you. As most of you know, it hasn't been an easy road getting to this point, but after five miscarriages, countless blood tests, multiple medical procedures, ovulation charting, and so on, we are finally expecting! We're already over halfway through my pregnancy, and things couldn't be going better. We look forward to the upcoming holiday season with new cheer, because that's when the most highly anticipated and wonderful gift that anybody has ever been lucky enough to receive will finally come into our lives. Our baby is due on December week after my birthday and six days before my late mother's, which would be a fitting tribute, I think. A whole host of people have birthdays around this time, including my niece, several very close friends, and Geoff's mother, so this baby could very likely share the birthday of one of these wonderful people. Is it a boy or a girl? We know that most of you are dying to know, but we think that this is the best surprise anybody could ask for. You'll all find out shortly after we do...sometime in mid-December!

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Sweet Mini-Cooper, I'm going nuts awaiting your arrival. So desperately, I want to give you a real a name so badly, as opposed to the nickname your mother and I have been calling you, little "Mini-Coop"! I'm sure patience is a thing a good father needs, but I'd bet that I could develop that over ti ...