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How do I add a password to my TotSite?

To require visitors to enter a password before they can view your stories and photos:

  • Login to your TotSite
  • Click on the My Account tab
  • Click on the Security Center
  • Turn on the site password by checking the box next to visitor password
  • Enter a visitor password (you can change this as often as you like)
  • Click the save button to save your changes.

IMPORTANT: While you are logged in to edit your site, the visitor password will not function when you preview your site. To test the visitor password, log out of your site and then view your personalized URL.

Hint: You have the option to include the visitor password in the weekly alerts sent to friends and family. By default this option is turned off so be sure to turn it on if you wish for the password to be included in the alerts. This is in the same box as turning on your password.