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Your Second Pregnancy
by Rebecca Garland

Pregnancy is an exciting thrill ride every time you conceive. Your first pregnancy is almost overwhelming in its mysteries and puzzles. Your second pregnancy seems as though it should be simple – after all, you already know the process from start to finish. But don’t count on more of the same. Your body handles every pregnancy differently, and you may be surprised at how much is different the second time around.

Your Incredibly Expanding Waistline
Almost all mothers of two report that within moments of a positive pregnancy test, their bellies immediately expanded. It may be that they simply quit trying to suck in their stomachs, but in actuality, your muscles were never really 100% after your first pregnancy. So, when your body realizes what’s about to happen, your stomach does expand early.

And not only does your belly bump show within weeks of conception, it will most likely grow a bit larger than it did with the first. This happens many times because second babies are larger than firsts, and also, again, because there is just not much support to keep your belly from falling all over itself.

Maternity Wear
Going along with your pouchy belly, you’ll most likely pull out your maternity clothes, or at least pants, very early on. You had vanity with your first pregnancy, but now that you know just how comfortable elastic waist pants can be, you have no shame. Maternity pants and cute shirts have been first trimester wardrobes for many a second-time mom.

Aches and Pains
Seeing as how your hips have separated and gone back together, your legs almost popped themselves out of the socket, your feet expanded and your back had a distinct pregnancy arch to it, it’s no surprise you get aches and pains sooner with your second pregnancy. As surfactant starts being released into your blood stream, all of those joints that have managed to finally correct themselves seem to start falling apart all over again.

You may also feel Braxton Hicks contractions and round ligament pain sooner as well. It may be that you’re actually experiencing pain weeks earlier in the pregnancy, or it may just be that you’re able to recognize it for what it is.

Early Movements
A bonus to a second pregnancy is that you get to feel the baby earlier. In your first pregnancy it took forever to identify the little bumps and flutters of early life. This time you know what you’re looking for and can find your little one weeks or even months sooner.

Off to the Races!
The most astonishing thing about a second pregnancy is that it will be over so quickly. Your first pregnancy took the full nine months and felt like it took twelve. You were able to ponder and anguish over every doctor’s visit, weigh-in, blood test, maternity bra, and stretch mark. The second time around, you may actually forget you are pregnant for hours on end as you chase your first child and try to get everything you have to do done in the day.

You’ll still have some time in the evenings to ponder the meaning of the life you’re creating, but don’t expect to stay awake more than five minutes after getting your first born in bed. You, having done this once before, already know that every minute of sleep is a precious thing – especially if that sleep is uninterrupted.

The Delivery Scholar
This time around, when it comes time to deliver, some of the mystery is gone. There is a still just as much or more magic, but you won’t be wondering what happens next throughout your entire labor. In fact, many second-time moms report that they are much more relaxed and able to enjoy the birth more the second time around since they know what to expect and have less overall anxiety.

The birth of your baby, however, is just as miraculous as it was the first time – and you’ll soon discover that not only are pregnancies different, your children will be very different as well.

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