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Rough Transition to Maternity Clothes
by Rebecca Garland

When you’re beginning a pregnancy, it’s almost outrageous to look at maternity gear and picture yourself wearing those huge shirts and gaping pants. Surely you won’t get THAT big! Of course, any pregnant woman can tell you she thought the very same thing before reaching her current state of pregnant belly bliss.

When you first discover you’re pregnant, you’ll likely start to feel just a bit bloated and your normal “fat” clothes are more then adequate for this stage. Of course, buying maternity clothes is fun, but it’s hard to even imagine what you’ll look like a few months from now. As your belly, waist and hips continue to expand, you’ll start to become uncomfortable in your largest clothes and then you’re at an impasse.

The In-Between Stage
For the vast majority of women, there is a very clear in-between stage during pregnancy. During this time, your regular clothes are too tight to wear comfortably around your waist and hips and maternity gear simply falls right off or hangs like a tent. There are a few options at this stage to get through the transition to full-blown maternity wear. The style that works best for you will be determined by your own wardrobe needs and your comfort level.

Option 1 – Stick to Sweats
Your fat jeans might be too big, but your yoga pants still have plenty of stretch. If you’re able to, you might just put your fat clothes away until after the pregnancy and then make a pile of your loosest, most comfortable sweat pants and athletic gear. The natural stretch and give in these items is perfect for seeing you through the rough spot.

Option 2 – The Rubber Band Trick
Another option is to use a rubber band to buy a few more inches. Grab a sturdy rubber band and put one end around the button on your pants or jeans. Run the band through the button hole and then loop it back to the button. Once the rubber band is in place, you have a nice flexible allowance at your belly that allows you more comfort and give while you wear your favorite gear. Of course you’ll need a long shirt and don’t be surprised, however, if this trick only works for a few weeks – bellies grow that fast.

Option 3 – Go Up a Size
You might consider investing in a handful of pants that are one or two sizes bigger than you normally wear. The pants will be loose in other places, but you might gain another month wearing a large size that fits your belly and hips at this stage. These pants will also be great when you come home from the hospital – it will take a while to put your body back together, and having clothing that is comfortable and stylish will help you through that transition as well.

Option 4 – Look for Transitional Maternity Wear
There is such a thing as maternity clothing designed for barely pregnant women. These pants have just a tiny bit of elastic around a regular waistline so they are more comfortable while you belly grows. Many have buttons that help to let the elastic out as your tummy gets larger. Again, these growing pants might be just what you need after delivery as well when you’re shrinking again.


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