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Ten Ways to Survive Bedrest Boredome
by Rebecca Garland

When you’re running around pregnant, you might envy those who have prescribed bedrest. But mothers who are on bedrest due to high risk pregnancies can tell you exactly how stressful it can be. Lying about all day every day sounds like a dream to some, but in reality it’s a mix of boredom, sore muscles, stiffness and stress at not being able to do even the simplest things on your own. To help the time fly by, consider trying something new to alleviate the boredom.

Search the Net – There is a ton of information online. If you’re bound to bed for weeks, invest in laptop or set your computer up on the coffee table and lay on the couch. Then you can search, learn and discover new areas to explore online.

Play Video Games – If you weren’t a gamer before, you might discover you have

a knack for all kinds of video games. Hook your Wii up to the television and relive your Mario days or take out some of your stress and aggression in fighting and driving games. You can also start a character in a game that requires hours of dedication and intricate play to build up that character over time. These are often called strategy games.

Watch Television – So, it’s not new, but if you feel like you missed great shows of the past, this is the perfect time to get caught up. Have someone rent entire seasons of good shows on DVD and you can easily spend a week watching each season. Just think of how much Sex and the City you can handle in that time.

Take Up Needlepoint – A wonderful way to focus your attention and build fine motor skills, needlepoint can produce some beautiful and useful results. You can get started on your baby’s first Christmas stocking or make some throw pillows to give away as gifts.

Start a New Career – There are quite a few jobs you can do online or over the phone. If you’re stuck in bed for weeks or months, you might be able to take advantage of this time to earn a bit online or over the phone. Working feels good as you feel productive, and you can always use more money to spend on your little one.

Read – Reading is a wonderful way to use your mind and kill time. Start with books you’ve been meaning to read and then move on to series you’ve heard a lot about. Series are good to read because there is almost more you can enjoy. As you finish each book, you’ll be anxious to start the next one.

Join an Online Community – Communities for pregnant mothers have flourished online, and you are in the perfect position to join a community. Chat, play games, and ask or answer questions from other mothers to make you feel less isolated. Check out the TotSites Community Forums.

Write – Keep a journal or blog that you update every day so that you have a nice way to clear your head every morning. You and your child will enjoy having all of these thoughts on your pregnancy to look back on as well. TotSites works as a great Pregnany Journal!

Take Up A Campaign – Political, fundraising, or charity campaigns are always in need of volunteers. Use your computer and phone to work on a campaign list for your favorite organization. Volunteering is another excellent way to feel connected.

Boost Spirits – The best way to boost your own spirits is to boost those around you. Get a list from your church or community center of elderly or other adults who are confined to their homes or in the hospital. Make it point to call these individuals every day to give them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. Talking about children and asking for parenting advice is an excellent way to get a conversation started.

Don't forget to record the memories of your pregnancy using TotSItes!.

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