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The Rights of Pregnancy
by Rebecca Garland

It might be challenging occasionally to be pregnant, and times such as these remind us that everyone has rights – but pregnant women have special privileges. Granted, not everyone will acknowledge that simply creating another human inside your womb entitles you to such a wealth of rights, but that is likely only your husband talking so pay him no mind.

Just what are these special rights of pregnancy? They’re so ingrained in most pregnant women; you probably don’t even realize they’ve become such a part of who you are now.

You have a right to keep your weight secret.
For some reason, everyone thinks they can discuss your weight gain with you. If you don’t want to share what you used to weigh and what you weigh now, that’s your business. Most people who cringe thinking you might have gained more than the recommended twenty-five to thirty-five pounds have never heard of water weight, anyway. Besides it’s your weight to lose, so who’s counting?

You have a right to two desserts.
You’re eating everything you should be and keeping your diet nice and healthy for that unborn baby. Fruits and vegetables have never tasted so good. So when it’s time for dessert, you can have two servings if you like. After all, as everyone says, “You’re eating for two now!” Although, if you don’t already know, pregnancy really only entitles you to 300 extra calories a day in the second and third trimester. Bummer, I know.

You have a right to keep your baby’s name a secret.
Everyone loves to celebrate with you, and one of the fastest ways to get to know your baby is to learn his new name. But for some, there is a feeling of putting the cart before the horse when you start telling everyone about Baby Benjamin months before he actually arrives. For others, it feels completely natural to name the baby on day two of the pregnancy and then buy everything monogrammed. Whatever your style, share what you want to share. It’s nobody’s business but your own.

You have a right to cry about anything you want.
If the changes to your body weren’t enough, you have some serious hormonal issues to deal with. Nine months of pregnancy PMS is a lot for any woman, and when the going gets tough, you have every right to cry about it. Naturally you’ll power through whatever the obstacle is, but if you want to shed a few tears over the new stain on the couch or the cancellation of your favorite show, go right ahead. Crying is good for the soul.

You have a right to be picky about everything baby.
If you’re surrounded by friends with babies and young children, you’ll be offered countless hand-me-downs. These are yours to accept or reject. Before you reject everything outright in favor of something new, consider the cost of new and the amount of use the older items actually sustained. For everything but the crib and carseat, a hand-me-down works just fine – if it works for you. If not, thank the friend profusely for offering, turn it down, and go on to do whatever does work for you. Your baby is entitled to whatever you feel is best for her.

You have the right to be scared or at least kind of nervous.
Pregnancy is a very big event and it all culminates with the birth of that baby. Either option for delivery is a bit daunting, so if the whole think makes you feel faint, there is no shame in that. Just know that when push comes to shove, you’ll bring that baby into the world and be blessed for doing so.

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