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Recording your Pregnancy

Every mother prepares for the birth of her child armed with a camera, a website or photo album, but your child’s journey through life does not begin at birth, but rather at conception. A truly meaningful memento of your child that you can cherish and share as she grows is a record of your pregnancy. You can record your pregnancy in many ways.

The Journal
A pregnancy journal can take many forms. You might keep a spiral notebook with the date and your thoughts and experiences during the day. A sentence or two, much like a diary, can record milestones and major emotions and developments in your unborn child’s life. Your child is a part of you now, so important changes in your life are important changes in hers as well. You’ll enjoy looking back over your notes and emotions years later and your heart will again feel the joy in those first butterfly kicks and the nervous energy as you faced delivery and the unknown future.

A Picture Collection
Another wonderful way to record your pregnancy is through pictures. A journal can record your thoughts, feelings and activities, but pictures can tell an entirely different story. Pictures of your belly growing over the weeks and months are fun to take and will surprise you when you see them. You’re used to seeing your belly from a single perspective. Seeing your belly in a picture, the same way others do can be very eye-opening indeed.

The true recording, however, is a video camera. If you can bring yourself to do it, or even if you have to close your eyes, have your pregnant body recorded for posterity. Take videos at various stages of pregnancy and see if you can get some video of the special events of pregnancy – such as when a knee or elbow makes a bump of its own on your bump or when your belly rolls as your baby moves inside it. Of course, you‘ll remember these events always, but having a video of it happening will be a true testament to your pregnancy.

A Scrapbook
A scrapbook is a nice way to merge both your writing and your pictures to make a special keepsake. A pregnancy scrapbook is a nice way to spend your time waiting on your baby’s arrival. Putting the book together before you deliver is also important as your time will diminish substantially – although you’ll still have time to put in the final pictures of your child’s delivery while he sleeps in his tiny bassinet beside you those first amazing weeks of motherhood.

A Website
A website dedicated to your pregnancy is truly a glorified scrapbook, but digital. The website can feature a blog and journal entries as well as many pictures and videos as you feel like uploading. The website is simple to continue once your child is born as you don’t have to ration out pages and space the way you do with a scrapbook. You can fill your site up as much as you want with musing and pictures and simply continue your child’s story indefinitely.

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