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Preparing for Pregnancy
by Rebecca Garland


While some parents never have a chance to adequately prepare for a surprise pregnancy, many more begin to plan a pregnancy long before it actually begins. Preparing for pregnancy is more than making sure you’re ready to decorate a nursery and buying maternity clothes. Pregnancy is hard work and you must prepare your body and mind adequately.

Prepare the Mind for Pregnancy
Before doing anything else, you must prepare your mind. Becoming a parent is wonderful, but definitely not easy. Are you ready to shift the focus of your entire life onto an unborn baby? Are you constantly stressed or frazzled? Your mind will be going through a huge storm of emotions and the effects of hormones. If you are dependent on medicines or unhealthy activities like smoking or binge eating to keep yourself calm and in control, you should first resolve these issues before pursuing a pregnancy.

Prepare the Body for Pregnancy
Your body will be working harder than it has ever worked in its life. Your blood will be doubling in volume, your ligaments are going to loosen and your heart and other organs will be working much harder to handle the load. Fortunately, a woman’s body is equipped to deal with the changes, even if it’s not easy at times. Of course, you should be helping your body along, not making it work even harder.

Exercise – Before becoming pregnant, it is an excellent idea to be in some sort of exercise routine.

You might just walk a few nights a week, but those hours of exercise will help your heart stay strong and release stress that can be harmful, or at the minimum, distracting.

Once you become pregnant, you can continue a normal exercise routine with the permission of your doctor. Exercising while pregnant is wonderful to help support your health and the health of the baby. Getting in the groove before the pregnancy begins can help you make healthy decisions later.

Weight – You should be at an ideal weight for your height. It can be challenging mentally to lose enough weight to become pregnant only to start gaining it again. But when you gain weight during pregnancy, you are not gaining the kind of fat you must now lose. You are gaining true baby weight that should easily be lost during the first six to nine months of your baby’s life. Any extra weight you start with can make becoming pregnant more challenging and make the actual pregnancy more uncomfortable.

Diet - Once you become pregnant you are not only feeding yourself, you are providing nutrients to your unborn baby. Since you often don’t realize you are pregnant until the second month, your diet will be affecting your baby long before you have a chance to modify it. Eat a balance diet and be sure to consume lots of folic acid and protein.

A healthy diet can also help keep your weight low while waiting to become pregnant and then help you avoid gaining excess weight during the pregnancy itself. You should also be taking a prenatal vitamin while trying to become pregnant. Again, you won’t know you’re pregnant until after your fetus has been developing for a few weeks. And those weeks are the most important as far as nutrition is concerned.

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