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The Pregnancy Honeymoon
by Rebecca Garland

Many couples realize toward the middle or end of pregnancy that life will be changing for good, and they become inspired to spend just a tiny bit more time together before such a huge transformation. Pregnancy is actually a great time to travel if you haven’t had any complications, and you clear your trip with your doctor.

Plan Carefully
That being said, you’ll want to plan your trip carefully as you are pregnant and need to take that fact into consideration. If you are early on in your pregnancy, you have a few more choices than those moms getting closer to their due dates. Some doctors have rules or at least suggestions about staying within a 250 mile radius of home when traveling, and many airlines have limits on how late you can fly during pregnancy.

Your trip early or half-way through pregnancy can involve a flight to anywhere in the country, but going outside the country just for fun might be a bit messy, but is still doable if its something you have your heart set on. Decide first on a reasonable location and then make reservations. Let your doctor know about the trip if it is more than just a few hours away and start packing.

Traveling While Pregnant
When pregnant and traveling, you must allow your body certain accommodations. If going up the stairs winds you, don’t plan on racing up the side of the mountains. You can certainly hike, but take the scenic route with plenty of rest. Those with complicated pregnancies should likely opt out of any strenuous exercise as it could be problematic if you’ve had trouble with your uterus or signs of early labor.

When you arrive in your hotel room, remove anything that has an offensive odor. Some hotel rooms reek of smoke despite being labeled as non-smoking. If this is the case in your room, simply ask for a new room and explain the problem – your super-sensitive pregnant nose is rebelling. You might ask for a few extra pillows at the same time so you can build your sleeping nest at night.

Travel Wisely
No matter how much you’ve always wanted to mountain bike or go snow skiing, pregnancy is not the best time to try either. Avoid any activity that might be dangerous to your pregnancy. This includes activities where falling is a risk and anywhere where high altitudes or pressure, such as water pressure when scuba diving, might be found. If you can’t go to the beach without a margarita or daiquiri in your hand, go somewhere else or order the virgin variety. Avoid any temptation to do things you know might be bad for your little one.

Remember that your trip is a time to reconnect away from the stress of daily life. Your trip might be as simple as camping by a stream or staying in a hotel downtown just to enjoy room service and maid service. Make your trip something to remember and don’t fret – you’ll soon be loving every moment of traveling with your baby.

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