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You're Pregnant! - Now What?
by Rebecca Garland


You’ve done it! You took the test and got two lines, and now you’re thrilled. A positive home pregnancy test is very rarely wrong, so you can safely assume you are pregnant – so now what do you do?

It’s a bit early for planning the nursery, although that is one of the more enjoyable aspects of pregnancy, but there are other things you can and should do right away.

Call Your Doctor
The first thing you should consider is calling your doctor. Most doctors ask patients to wait until they are close to eight weeks pregnant before making a visit, but for a first pregnancy or to confirm the pregnancy, they may encourage you to come in earlier.

So, call your doctor and at least get an appointment for a few weeks down the road. Be ready with the date of your last period as that is the first question they will ask.

Also be sure to ask about prenatal vitamins as the best ones require a prescription.

Take Vitamins
In a perfect world, you’ve been taking prenatal vitamins before you found out you were pregnant. This helps ensure your fetus gets everything he needs before you even realize you are pregnant.

Of course, if you haven’t been taking prenatals up to this point, you should get started right away. Your doctor can prescribe some, or you can head your local drug store and buy some over the counter. Be sure to consider taking an Omega 3 or a Lipil supplement that is created for pregnancy. These have been shown to increase brain and eye development.

Examine Your Food
Your food choices up to this point have been to keep you strong and healthy. They must now keep your new baby healthy, too. Examine your choices and eliminate anything that might be dangerous, such as some fish and soft cheeses, and limit other things, such as empty calories and artificial sweeteners.

There is a debate about the possible dangers of food and drink choices such as caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and deli meats. Research what doctors and researchers have to say and then make your own choices to best protect you and your baby.

Consider Your Exercise
If you’ve been a fan of heavy exercise, you most likely can continue – at least for a while. As your pregnancy continues, you’ll want to scale back on weights or anything than might cause you to lose your balance, but for the time being, you can continue exercising.

If you are concerned or have spotting, talk to your doctor. It might just be that light exercise such as walking or swimming might be best until you are confident the pregnancy is sticking. But any exercise is better than none, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, so go for a brisk walk and revel in your new motherhood.

The best part of a newly discovered pregnancy is sharing it with others. Of course you’ll share with your significant other, but even if you keep the news between the two of you for a few more weeks, you should celebrate together.

Have a nice dinner, but skip the wine, and share your thoughts and dreams for the future. Window shop for baby gear online and get started on a bit of ice cream – even if you don’t actually have any cravings yet. Use a website to calculate an estimated due date. You’re pregnant! And you’ll discover if you haven’t already, that being pregnancy is one of the best things in the world with absolutely wonderful results.

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