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Pregnancy Style
by Rebecca Garland

Pregnancy can give you a certain glow but have a serious impact on your sense of style. Pregnancy clothing has definitely gotten more attractive over the years, but it still can be challenging to pull together an outfit you feel fabulous in, especially if you’re trying to avoid spending a great deal of money on a wardrobe you’ll only wear for eight or nine months. Even on a budget, however, you can have a stylish pregnancy.

Go With the Basics
It’s unlikely you’ll have a closet full of maternity wear, so stick to the basics of style, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Get black pants, khakis, jeans and shorts or capris. Then find tees and tanks to use as layering pieces under button down shirts and other tops. If you’re going to get a distinctive piece, make it an accessory or simple top. You’ll likely be wearing the same outfits multiple times in a week, so the more mixing and matching you’re able to do, the better off your style will be.

Since you’ll be buying a limited number of pieces, find the best fit possible, leaving plenty of room to grow comfortably in the belly. It’s hard to feel stylish if you’re digging the waistband of your pants out of your belly or hiking your pants back up as they slip down past your hips – again.

Get Great Shoes
Your feet will likely grow half a size to a full size during pregnancy. This may not happen until the last trimester or you might notice your feet swelling early on. Since you’ll probably not be very comfortable in high heels, take yourself to the shoe store for some fabulous sneakers, baby dolls, and sandals. Even the most basic white and khaki outfit will look great with a pair of terrific red ballet slippers.

Go for Accessories
Bright and big accessories are your friend during pregnancy. If you want something dramatic in your wardrobe, make it your jacket. Basic wardrobe options give you the opportunity to really have fun with your jacket. Go with a bright color or get a bright scarf to complement something more basic. A bright bag and jewelry will bring a basic outfit to life and your great shoes will certainly not hurt anything either.

Take Advantage of You Luscious Locks
During pregnancy your hair doesn’t fall out as quickly as it does normally. This means you get fuller, more beautiful hair during pregnancy. Take advantage of this mane and get a great hairstyle. This may be the last opportunity you have to spend time fixing your hair for a while as after baby is born, you’ll likely spend months with it pulled back due to lack of time or lack of effort.

This is a wonderful time in your life. Even if you feel sick as a dog, pull yourself together as best you can and try to remember that you are growing a life inside of you. This is truly a miracle, and that miracle will show up on your face, posture and overall presence. Smile, hum softly if you want to, and just glow in your own magic.

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