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Peace of Mind During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a tense time for many women. While joyful, there always seem to be burning questions and more than a bit of concern over what might be large or small problems. Earning peace of mind during pregnancy requires a bit of persistence on the part of mom, but with the huge number of resources available, you can get qualified, trust-worthy information when you need it.

The Doctor
Your doctor is your best source of information about your pregnancy, but even then he or she can’t possibly know all there is to know about your individual experience. To get the most out of your doctor, you’re going to have to step up and do your share of the work. Document your concerns so that you remember every one of them when you come to the doctor’s office. Do a bit of reading online to see if you can find information ahead of time, but not so much that you

scare yourself with possibilities.

When you speak with your doctor, visit with him about your specific concern, and ask for specifics in his answer. Don’t settle for vague pats on the head and talk of how normal that is. Ask him what is causing that strange pain in your groin muscles or why you keep getting cramps in your calves every night. A good doctor will address these with you and give you some options for helping to treat them. Some solutions are simple – cramps in your calves can likely be “cured” with more potassium in your diet, for example. Others, such as round ligament pain you might feel in your groin is just a natural part of muscles stretching and loosening during pregnancy.

The Nurse Line
For many pregnant women, the nurse line is the best invention of all time. When you have a strange question or you’ve read too much online and driven yourself into a panic, call up the nurse line provided by your doctor. The friendly nurses are great at helping you sort through your anxiety to figure out if you’re having a real problem or if you’re a bit spun up and need to relax and sort things out in a calmer state. The nurse line will almost always suggest you come in and visit the doctor if you’re truly concerned, but as a first line of defense, she can give you some suggestions for how to deal with something at midnight or over a weekend that might not require a visit to the doctor.

Kick Counts
One of the most enjoyable things about late pregnancy is counting your baby’s movements. Whenever you get concerned about your little one and how well she’s doing, you’re encouraged to do two of the best things in pregnancy – lay down to relax and feel your baby move. Ideally, you should feel ten movements in two hours, but you’ll likely feel more than that. If you’re consistent about doing your kick counts every evening, you’ll soon get a feel for what is normal for your little one. Then, if you feel a significant deviation from the norm, you’ll be able to speak with your doctor about it immediately.

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