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Mommy Resources
by Rebecca Garland

When you find yourself pregnant, you’ll be swarmed by well-wishers and those offering advice. The wishes are fun, but the advice can be almost overwhelming and frankly quite frightening in some cases. There is very much a case of information overload when you start digging into information on pregnancy and parenting, but you have nine months to sort it all out. Organizing your various mommy resources will be a huge first step in feeling ready for your new role in life.

Go For the Classics – Modern and Otherwise
Your first stop for information should be the classic books that are well loved, updated regularly to reflect modern research and well reviewed by virtually everyone. Even if you weren’t a particularly strong reader before, you should take the time to start flipping through at least a few pregnancy books and buy the corresponding

parenting books about the first few months or year of life.

Flip through the books now and then place them on a prominent shelf of your home library ready for more reading when you start to actually face various issues throughout your pregnancy.

Well Reputed Websites
Your next weapon in a parenting and pregnancy arsenal are websites dedicated to parenting news and information. A book takes years to be updated at times while a high quality website will be updated frequently with the latest findings, hot controversies and plenty of links to other authority sites where you can find more information.

A word of caution on websites – always be sure to read at least two or three different articles by different authors and visit multiple websites on the same issue to avoid any slant on the news. Certain groups have much to gain by reporting news or controversy in a particular way and the welfare of children isn’t always the first concern in this situation.

Friends and Family
When you make it to the personal level, remember that new discoveries can be made in a matter of months. Even your older sister with a three-year-old might not know the latest information on SIDS or high mercury counts in fish. Process all advice through your reading and facts gained from other sources before you put it into effect.

Forty years ago it was okay to smoke while pregnant, thirty years ago you had to put a baby on his tummy to sleep, ten years ago an occasional drink was encouraged to reduce stress during pregnancy. Politely accept all suggestions and advice and feel free to share your own findings, but expect to find some skepticism – especially with older generations. For example, your grandparents might be shocked to think you put your baby on his back to sleep – in their day this was a sure bet that the baby would choke on his own spit-up. (A “fact” that was proved incorrect many times over, however.)

During pregnancy, take advantage of as much advice as you can and start paying attention to the parenting styles you admire. If you find friends who are already raising their children in the way you’d like to raise yours, you can start conversations with them now and in the future about various techniques and the collection of mommy resources they use.

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