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The Male Pregnancy Experience
by Rebecca Garland

Although weird science does exist, for all intensive purposes you’re not pregnant – and you are intensely thankful for that at least once a day during your wife’s pregnancy. Your role in pregnancy might start with a good romp in the bedroom one evening, but that isn’t the end of your duties by a long shot. Your wife is bearing your child, and with that joyous sacrifice, you must pay your dues.

Cravings and Aversions
Pregnant women often experience odd cravings and food aversions. If your wife suddenly hates all meat, and the sight of a chunk of meat sends her racing to the bathroom, get creative at the stove.

(Obviously you’re helping to prepare the meals to let her rest, especially if she’s working while pregnant.)

A man needs his meat – unless he’s vegetarian, but your wife can’t stand the sight of it. So don’t make her look at it. Cook roast beef and mix it into a clever casserole. Want beef? Make it ground and covered with cheese in yummy tacos. If even your best ideas still don’t work, rediscover your love of pasta and cold cereal for dinner and get your fill of steak during regular power lunches.

Cravings are much simpler to handle. If your wife wants ice cream, she shall have ice cream. And you shall have some, too.

Weight Gain
The oddest sensation for most men is watching their wife gain weight. Some women seem to be totally okay with gaining pound after pound, and not just in her belly region. Others are terrified of looking this way forever and harp and worry constantly about every inch. Neither situation is ideal.

Men want their wife to be comfortable and feel good during a pregnancy, but most can’t help but wonder if those pounds will actually come off at some point, or if a new, rounder wife will simply stick around. Others spend nine months on eggshells hoping to not get caught saying something like, “I love your round belly,” or some other completely insensitive pregnancy related statement that happens to be true and totally complimentary.

Of course the best way to deal with pregnancy weight gain on your wife’s part is to simply gain weight with her. If she’s chowing down, you should be too. This will not only keep her company on the third trip around the buffet, but it will also let you thicken up a bit to help her out when it comes time for both of you to lose the weight.

There is nothing scarier than a woman’s hormones unless it’s a pregnant woman’s hormones. If your wife starts acting off, even way off, just go with it. It’s likely a good night’s sleep will help her realize that shaving her head is a bad idea after all – you don’t need to be the one to tell her.

She’s up, she’s down, she’s all around and you should be there to catch her when she finally falls. Let her sob, help her laugh, and most of all be totally understanding that an alien force has invaded her body and the somewhat crazy lady you’re now experiencing will be a more outstanding mother to your child than you could ever imagine.

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