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The Lesser Known Joys of Pregnancy
by Rebecca Garland


As any new mother can tell you, motherhood is truly a miracle. It might be completely exhausting and more than a bit stressful, but it is wonderful. One of the most interesting aspects of new motherhood is gazing back over the ten months of pregnancy and realizing just how good you had it. Of course, hindsight is always a bit sweeter, but there are some joys of pregnancy you don’t realize are actually joys until too late.

Admit it, you pamper yourself and those around you tend to cater to you as well while you are pregnant. It might be small things like holding the door for you or offering you first choice of the breakfast bagels, but it’s nice to be held in a position of esteem. The independent spirits out there might be annoyed when others offer to pick up items on the floor or to lift your groceries, but enjoy it if you can.

After the baby comes, you get an iota of attention in the hospital, and then you’re on your own. When you’re pregnant, people rushed to pick up a five pound grocery bag for you. When you get home from the hospital, you’ll be constantly carrying a squirmy eight pound baby and hoping you don’t pop any stitches trying to pick up the socks he keeps kicking off.

Even though it gets irritating to have everyone comment on your belly or give you advice, the attention you get during a pregnancy should be enjoyed.

While pregnant you glow with excitement and a sheen of sweat from lugging your extra weight around.

When you’re a new mother your job is to hide your extra weight in baggy sweats and disappear into the background so everyone can admire your baby. Unfortunately you are no longer of special status as a bringer of life. The life has arrived and it’s much more interesting and definitely cuter than you are.

While pregnant, you may have some aches and pains that make you miserable. You might be exhausted by the end of the day. But, at the end of the day, you can climb into you bed with your five pillows and relax while watching your favorite shows. Just try to do that with a fussy baby – or better yet a typical toddler.

You spend hours playing in the nursery and shopping for adorable baby clothes while pregnant. The nursery and clothes are still adorable after the baby comes. It’s just that instead of playing in the nursery in the middle of the afternoon, you’ll be playing in the nursery after your 6am wake-up call – that is if you ever went back to sleep after your 3am feeding.

Finally, anticipation is great during pregnancy. Waiting nine months to hold your little one seems like an eternity, but don’t wish that time away. Savor the anticipation and the dreams. Lie still and enjoy the kicks and rolls. Sure you may feel black and blue, but those kicks are one of the many things women wish they had enjoyed just a little bit more while pregnant.


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