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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy

There are huge sections of pregnancy books in the library and bookstores. There are countless websites telling you how to behave during a pregnancy. But with all of the information available boggling the mind, it can help to have a summary of the biggest points.

Do These Things While Pregnant

• Be sure you’re under the care of a quality, caring physician. Your doctor should make you feel comfortable in his care and be knowledgeable and professional as well.

• Take prenatal vitamins. The sooner you start the better. It’s actually best to take the vitamins before finding out you’re pregnant, but this is not always possible.

• Eat a healthy varied diet with a focus on nutrition not calorie counts. You don’t need to double your food intake. In fact, you don’t need to eat anything extra for months into the pregnancy. Worry much more about eating a healthy diet than gaining weight correctly.

• Sleep and rest as often as possible. Your body is working over time creating a human being. You’ll be tired often. Rest. It’s not being lazy – it’s being pregnant.

• Exercise lightly. You’ll want to do a light exercise routine as often as possible to keep yourself limber and fit during pregnancy. Walking or water aerobics are great light exercises to try. Avoid balance activities, such as biking, or weight lifting that can damage loose joints.

• Prepare your home, finances and mind for parenthood. You’ll need a space for the baby to sleep and the financial means to bring her home from the hospital and feed and diaper her. Start planning for this as soon as possible after discovering your pregnancy.

Don’t Do These Things While Pregnant

• Absolutely do not use drugs or even prescription medication without your doctor’s express permission. For some mothers it is more dangerous to not take medication, but for others taking any form of prescriptions medication can be harmful for the baby. Any illegal drugs can damage the baby substantially.

• Don’t drink alcohol. There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant. A decade ago it might have been considered okay to drink a glass of wine every so often, but we now know that even the slightest amount of alcohol can deprive your baby of valuable oxygen and impact his neural development. You should also avoid caffeine and many sorts of food including certain sorts of fish, cheese and meat.

• Don’t live dangerously. If you usually ride a motorcycle to work, opt for the bus or buy a car. If you prefer rock climbing and vigorous hiking to gentle strolls through the mall, you should consider other outdoor activities that won’t bring as many risks of falls, bumps, scrapes and potentially damaging injuries for the baby.

• Don’t become overwhelmed or anxious. Pregnancy is a long journey. You can’t do every single thing right all the time, but you can learn and grow in your knowledge as you go through the pregnancy. Focus on the area of development you’re in now. Once you understand what’s happening and what your focus should be, continue to learn about future stages of pregnancy gradually and just enjoy the one you’re in.

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