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Can you really prevent Stretchmarks
by Rebecca Garland

There are many commercials for lotions and creams that claim to help you prevent or even get rid of stretchmarks. Many women swear these claims are true and that these special creams help keep their bellies (and hips and breasts) free from stretchmarks during pregnancy. Others claim these commercials and even products are a bunch of baloney.

It seems genetics play a very strong role in stretchmarks. If your mother got them, you’ll probably get them. Your skin might have a lot of elasticity which will help it stretch without leaving marks, but sometimes even the youngest skin stretches and leaves marks. If you’ve gained or lost weight in the past, you might be able to tell already if you’re going to get stretchmarks. If you got a few when you gained weight quickly, it looks like you’re a prime candidate. But never fear, even if you can’t prevent them, stretchmarks aren’t all bad.

The Beauty of the Stretchmark
Stretchmarks can appear anywhere your skin does considerable amounts of growing in a short amount of time. During pregnancy your belly is the number one place to get these marks, but you might also get them on top of or under your breasts. You might also get a few marks on your hips, rear end or thighs if your body stores extra weight in those areas.

Stretchmarks are simply a new and natural tattoo to your body. You may not have realized you were signing up for such prominent marks when you got pregnant,

but now that you have them, you should show those stretchmarks some respect. Those marks are the lasting sign of the tremendous effort your body is undertaking as you create another life. Besides, they almost always fade within months to faint silver or pink that you can barely see.

Limiting Stretchmarks
If you’re going to get them, you’re going to get them. But you can help to limit the number and severity of your marks to a certain degree. The marks are caused by the stretching of your skin. The less stretching your skin has to do and the more elastic it is, the better your chances of fewer marks. This is why some lotions claim to prevent the marks. The moisture in the skin helps it to stretch, but lotion isn’t a miracle.

Go ahead and try the lotion. At the very least it might keep the itching down as your skin stretches. The best way, however, to try and limit the marks is to keep your skin from stretching unnecessarily. That means avoid gaining extra weight. You have to gain a healthy amount of weight, and most of the time you’re body will gain what it wants to gain without your help.

It would be ridiculously foolish to hurt yourself or your baby for your own vanity, but you might not really need that second tray of brownies. In fact, those brownies might just be the cause of the pound of fat on your thighs that stretches the skin past the breaking point.

If it’s no fun to feel like you’re dieting while pregnant, at least drink plenty of water. Water will help keep your skin moist from within which is the best way to promote elasticity. Exercise will help keep your muscles toned up in your lower half at least which can keep your legs and butt smaller with less stretching. A good bra (day and night) can prevent a small amount of stretching in your boobs, but you’ll soon discover that some things are simply out of your control despite your best efforts.

Even if you try everything and nothing seems to work, don’t fret. Countless women around the world have endured stretchmarks and live very rewarding lives despite claw marks on their bellies. Those marks will fade and be barely noticeable well before you’re brave to wear a bathing suit again. And besides, the loose skin on your belly would probably look best in a one-piece anyway – at least for a while.

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