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Can you realy pick Gender?
by Rebecca Garland

If you’re at all familiar with the Shettles method of conception, you know that there is some likelihood that you can actually pick the gender of your baby. If you’ve never heard of Shettles, you’re in the majority, but his method simply involves timing and the position for intercourse – nothing related to bioengineering.

The Timing of It All
The basic principle behind gender selection (the natural way) is the timing issue. Women produce an egg every month and that egg always contains an X chromosome. Men, however, produce millions of sperm every time they ejaculate and roughly half of those carry an X chromosome and the rest carry a Y.

If a sperm carrying the X chromosome reaches the X carrying egg, you get a girl. If a Y sperm gets there first, you get a boy. So the trick to natural gender selection is manipulating the timing to give either the X or Y sperm a better fighting chance at fertilization. Sounds tricky, but it’s not.

The truth of the matter is sperm can live up to a week inside your body. The boy (Y) sperm swim fast, but die quickly. The girl (X) sperm swim slowly, but last days longer than the boys. So to pick a girl or a boy baby, you simply need to know when you’re ovulating and plan for the right kind of sperm to reach the egg.

Charting Ovulation
Your first step, if you’re trying to pick gender, is to chart ovulation for a month or two. This tells you exactly when your body is releasing an egg and is very critical information. The more months you chart, the more accurate your data will be. But who really wants to wait that long?

Trying For a Girl
If you’re hoping for pink dresses and little hair bows this time around, start having sex as soon as your period is over and continue every other day (or every day – why not?) until 2 days before ovulation. Don’t have sex for those two days or the day after. During this time, the boy sperm are swimming frantically for the egg that hasn’t been released yet and dying out. The girl sperm are just swimming along and will wait for a couple of days before dying.

To give the girls an even better chance of arriving on time, you shouldn’t orgasm during sex as that can make the vaginal environment hostile to X-carrying sperm. You should also use the missionary position so that the sperm are deposited closer to the vaginal entrance making the little guys (and girls) swim farther to get where they’re going.

Trying for a Boy
If you want a miniature of your husband this time around, you’ll want the boy sperm to have the best shot at fertilization. The Y-carrying sperm swim fast and die quickly, so you’ll have to have your timing just right.

Have sex no sooner than twenty-four hours before ovulation and no later than twelve hours after it. This short window is best for the boy sperm that won’t live past a day or two and benefit from the less acidic vaginal conditions during ovulation.

You can increase your chances further by having your husband drink a bit of coffee or soda before intercourse as caffeine makes sperm move more frantically. You should also use a method with deep penetration so that the boy sperms have less distance to travel inside the hostile environment. Finally, you should orgasm (if you can with all this pressure to conceive) to make the vaginal environment more alkaline. This is more damaging to girl sperm.

Good luck!

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