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The Best Way to Take Pregnancy Pictures

There is nothing better to remember a pregnancy than the pictures that go along with it. If you haven't considered taking pregnancy pictures, really stop to consider how meaningful those will be for you in the future once the dread of stretch marks and the fear of the rising scale have long passed. Pregnancy is a hugely unique experience in a woman's life and it should be recorded. Pregnancy pictures are a great way to do exactly that.

Take Your First Picture Early
Ideally, your first picture will be taken before you even start to show in the pregnancy. Take the pictures with a bare stomach if you're comfortable that way or wear a closely fitted shirt instead that shows the contour (or lack thereof) of your stomach. In these starting pictures, consider taking one from each side and just saving them on your computer or posting them on your baby website. The little one hasn't shown up anywhere but on a pregnancy test just yet, but it's only a matter of time!

Controlling Variables
To get the best idea of how your belly is changing with the pregnancy, take a picture in the same location with the same background and perhaps even the same clothes every week. Face the same way and try for the same angle in the picture. The goal is to be able to line up the shots once you have nine months worth of them and see the belly growing against a constant backdrop.

Don't Get Shy
Some women become shy of their large bellies when skin tone begins to change. Even if your skin tone darkens or you get a chance to experience stretch marks for the first time, continue with the program of the pregnancy pictures. What is devastating to you now in the form of a large stretch mark will be amusing to you in ten or fifteen years as you look back over the pictures to remember where you've been and how far you've come since the pregnancy.

Use the Pictures
While your future teenager might not like to have pregnancy pictures strew about his nursery or the walls of the house, you do want to put the pictures to use in some way. If you're keeping a baby book, print them off and arrange them in order along the pages of the book so that he can someday see the progression and even share it with his kids. Putting the pictures in a blog or website is a similar way to share the pictures in the same format.

Another great option is to use a program like Moviemaker or Photostory to arrange the pictures in a moving sequence. If you've been careful to take the same background and positioning in each of the pictures, as you arrange them in the short photo story, it will be quite obvious that the belly is changing dramatically over time. These short movies are fun to add to baby showers and special memory websites as well.

Don't forget to record the memories of your pregnancy using TotSites!.


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