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5 Ways to Improve Working Conditions during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard on the body and mind in so many ways, but working day in and day out of those nine months is not only draining, but it can add to your physical discomfort. There are, however, straightforward ways to cut back on discomfort and improve the work day, especially as you near the end of your pregnancy.

Put Your Feet Up
If you have a desk job, get a small step stool or even an old, empty file box and put it beneath your desk. While you’re working, kick off your shoes and prop your feet up on the box. This will help reduce the swelling in your feet and improve your overall circulation. Be careful, however, to avoid getting too comfortable and dozing off or placing your box too far away and stretching and sliding in your chair to reach it with your feet.

Wear Loose Clothing
Your body will swell to a degree during the day, even in relatively early stages of pregnancy. If you’re wearing clothing that barely has any give, you might find yourself more than a just a bit uncomfortable as the day draws to a close. Find a balance between style and comfort with big pieces that are full of stretch and give without having to constantly pull the pants up over the belly again or rearrange the pieces to keep them from digging into an already nauseous tummy.

Get Maternity Underwear
It’s hard to give up those adorable pieces of underwear that you’ve collected over the years before pregnancy, but as the end gets closer you’ll realize that you’ll probably need a panty liner and a way to keep those cute thongs and bikinis out of your backside every time you stand up from your work chair. Your whole body grows and swells during pregnancy, including your rear end, so opt early on for the comfortable, stretching underwear that will keep you relaxed at your most fundamental level. You might also opt for the cheap cotton variety as you might not want to salvage these underpants after the delivery as things can be messy for awhile.

Skip Sandals
There is a strong temptation to invest in sandals and flip-flops as feet swell and grow uncomfortable, but these should be avoided as they don’t have very strong arch support. Your feet are taking the brunt of the trauma during the day, especially if you work on your feet, and this isn’t a time to be cute and stylish when you can be stylish and practical. Find slip on shoes that have a true sole and support. These might be sandals, but most likely will be a version of a well formed flat or athletic shoe.

Drink Water and Then Drink More Water
Much of the water you drink during pregnancy will stay with you for awhile, especially if you have a diet high in sodium. However, drinking more water will help to flush out your system and move some of that water out. Drinking water will require more trips to the restroom, but since you’re already going every hour or so, it won’t be that big of a deal and you’ll have the benefit of knowing your kidneys are clear and that water pooling around your ankles is moving on out at some point.

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