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5 Items to Buy Brand New for Each Pregnancy

Hand-me-downs are great. In fact, for most families with more than one child, they are a way of life. But even with the terrific cost savings and convenience of just passing things down from one pregnancy and newborn to the next, you’ll want to stock up on a few new items during your pregnancy to prepare for that second baby.

Bottle Nipples – If you’ve kept your old bottles to wash, boil and prepare for this next baby, be aware that the nipples on the bottles have an expiration date. The nipples on a bottle should be replaced every few months, which means the nipples you used for your older child should have been replaced then and most certainly should be replaced now. Fortunately, baby bottle manufactures produce separate nipples that are far less expensive to buy than the full bottle set-up.

Pacifiers – For the same reasons as above, any latex or silicone pacifiers used with your first baby should be throw out after just a few months. If you still have some hanging around, throw them out and buy a pack or two of new pacifiers for your new little one. Don’t go overboard on replacing the pacifiers, however. If your first loved them, your second might decide to hate them. Have one handy and ready to go when you need it, but don’t be a bit surprised if the baby you’re cooking now is nothing like your first.

Crib Mattress - It is recommended that you replace your crib mattress for each baby. The crib itself is fine to use as many times as you like so long as it is in good repair, but the allergens and other material that seep into the mattress can be agitating to the newborn. If you’re not going to spring for a brand new mattress, a zip-on mattress cover that locks all the yucky inside a special material will make it almost as good as new.

Car Seat - If your car seat has ever been in any sort of accident, it should be replaced. If it’s broken or in poor repair it should be replaced as well. New advancements are always being made in carseat technology and it’s recommended that you get a new carseat with every baby to take advantage of the latest technology updates and to be sure your newborn is in the safest car environment possible.

Lovies – During your pregnancy, you’ll start to unpack the early baby items to prepare the nursery for the second round of infancy. When you do this, you can expect your first-born to reclaim any of her old lovies. Blankets, dolls, animals and the odd toy will suddenly be absolutely off-limits for the new baby and you should honor the wishes of your child, within reason. Buy new lovies that are fresh and ready for your next little one to chew and drool on. In fact, you can probably wait and receive some new dolls and blankets at a baby shower or as a gift.

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