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4 Myths of Pregnancy

Of the many myths that seem to circulate during pregnancy, most moms choose to err on the side of caution. They try to do as much for the safety of their baby as possible while trying ignoring the rumors that seem to inspire false hope. But sad, humorous or helpful, these myths of pregnancy are always there for entertainment value.

You Only Gain a Belly in Pregnancy
To the thin, unsuspecting woman who has just gotten a positive pregnancy test, she’s still living with the expectation of gaining an adorable pregnancy belly like the advertisements show. What the ads show, however, are women who were too thin before who are now at a healthier weight plus have gained a belly. Thanks to good genes, the weight is not immediately visible, but to grow your baby in a healthy manner, you can expect to gain weight everywhere – part of that weight is the fat reserves Mother Nature wants you to have to ensure you can protect your baby and feed her when she’s born. Try to consider the dimples a good thing.

You Don’t Look Pregnant From the Back
Another nicety women tell each other is that you can’t really tell someone is pregnant until they turn sideways. While a lovely lie to tell a mother worried about her changing figure, there are too many clues about the pending birth of a child to hide from the back, although you might get away with it very early in the pregnancy. As your baby and belly grow, your posture, waistline and overall dimensions change. And if you can fool ‘em standing still, that waddling walk will give up your secret in an instant.

Special Lotions Prevent Stretch Marks
Skin is wonderfully elastic and can stretch nicely without ever getting a stretchmark – if you have the genes for it. If you got stretch marks when you were in junior high school having a growth spurt – look on the outsides of you hips and thighs or on your breasts- you’re predisposed. You might not even have any stretch marks visible now but still be predisposed to getting them.

Lotion is a truly wonderful thing and it will keep the itching you experience with pregnancy to a minimum on your belly at least, but stretch marks go far deeper than the top-most layers of your skin, so lotion won’t stop them if they feel like showing up and it certainly won’t heal them although the red scars will fade to silvery white over time.

You’ll Lose the Weight in a Few Weeks
It’s another lovely one to think about while you keep gaining weight every week, but unfortunately baby weight is much stickier than you’d like to think. It takes nine months to gain twenty-five to thirty pounds and it takes about that long to get all of the weight back off again. The majority of your weight will fall off on its own in the first few weeks, however.

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