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Pregnancy: 3 Things You Never Thought You’d Miss

Pregnancy is the wildest nine-month ride you’ll ever experience and toward the end, it takes a tough woman to admit that she still loves every minute of it. Pregnancy can be truly glorious, but there are certainly elements that make it a bit tougher on your mind and body than you’d expect. Yet somehow, after we swear we’ll never be so happy in our lives to never experience some of those sensations again, they are exactly the ones we miss.

Hunger Pangs and Nausea
Often, pregnant women find they are much more in synch with their bodies than they ever were before. They can feel their hunger in its true form and can feel almost immediate consequences if it’s not immediately sated. For the nine months you spend alternatively shoveling food into your mouth and then feeling sick that you ate more than a few mouthfuls, you learn the nuances of your body.

But then once that baby comes out, your internal organs are falling over themselves with all that room to spare and you realize that your body feels different on the inside. Your hunger pangs feel different and it can take months to get back into a good rhythm of hunger and eating. Looking back it all seemed so simple – feel hungry or sick then eat. Then feel hungry or sick and eat. Repeat ad nauseam.

Kicks, Bumps and Thumps
How often in the last trimester did you find yourself wishing you could bend backwards to free your lungs and rib cages from little protruding elbows and feet? As your belly starts to develop corners you find yourself wishing that little one would go ahead and come out to free you from the agony. In fact you might be like most moms and start hiking up treadmills and eating spicy foods trying to jump start labor just to get a bit of breathing room back.

But in the first few hours after delivery, you’ll realize that while you hold the beautiful creation in the world in your arms, your body feels strangely empty. Carrying a life inside you for nine months is an awesome privilege. Nothing feels stranger than silence and that’s exactly what it feels like – an elaborate silence from within, at least until that little life starts crying in your arms and you’re not paying attention any more.

The exhaustion of pregnancy is nothing compared to the exhaustion of new motherhood. Of course, before you have that beautiful baby, you’ll only think you’re exhausted. Once she’s out and you’re up every two hours for an hour at a time, you’ll wish for that simple tired feeling that came with pregnancy. Because when you were tired and pregnant, you could do something about it.

Naps on the couch, long movies under blankets and pillows and sleeping in on the weekends trying to get caught up on sleep are luxuries that are not offered to new mothers – at least not by their newborn babies.

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