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- How do I optimize home video for my TotSite ?
- How do I add a home video to my website?

How do I optimize home video for my TotSite ?

Before you upload your home videos, be sure to optimize your movie. It cuts down on the time it takes you to upload your video and for visitors to download and view your home movie. We recommend using video editing software to compress your video clips prior to uploading to your website. Microsoft's Movie Maker is free with Windows XP and Mac users can use iMovie.

Here are a few helpful links:

- Editing your videos with Microsoft Movie Maker (PC)
- Editing your videos using IMovie (Mac)

The other added benefit of editing your videos are special effects such as fading and other colorful techniques.

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How do I add a home video to my website?

To add a home video:

  • Login to your TotSite
  • Navigate to the Movies section.
  • Click on the Add Movie link
  • Use the “browse” button to select the movie you want to upload
  • Add a video description
  • Click on the Upload Movie button

You must wait for the movie to completely upload before you navigate away from this page. This can take anywhere between 2 minutes and 15 minutes depending on the movie file size and your Internet connection.

Be sure to optimize your video before uploading. This reduces the time it takes you to upload and for your visitors to download and enjoy your movie. See how do I optimize my movie for more information.

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