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What is TotSites all About?

Some people wonder, “What can I do with a TotSite?” Well, the easy answer is that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! From your baby’s first nine months in the womb to their first awkward steps, TotSites makes chronicling the life of your son or daughter a fun and easy activity – with no web programming skills necessary! With a variety of fun templates to choose from, a professional looking web site is just a few clicks away. For weights and measures, you can even change the format of your TotSite to easily switch from pounds/inches to kilograms/centimeters.

TotSites is a great way to share photos, videos, the exciting day-to-day activities of your little one and more in a “digital scrapbook” that relatives far and wide can access from anywhere at anytime. Are you tired of having to locate dozens of different e-mails in order to send an e-mail announcement to everyone you know? TotSites lets you enter subscribers into a neat list – or they can subscribe themselves – to receive automatic updates whenever you update your TotSite.

For those who have reservations about putting photos and information of your child on the internet, no worries – TotSites has an optional security features that allows you to password protect your site. Even if someone knows the name of your TotSite URL, they can’t get in without knowing the secret word.

Best of all, you don’t even have to wait for your tot’s arrival to create your very own TotSite!

Here are some fun Ideas for your TotSite!

Want to announce your pregnancy to the world? Say it with a TotSite!

As you count the days to your new son or daughter’s arrival, your TotSite is the ideal way to share photos and facts, including pictures of the freshly-painted nursery and your baby’s first pictures – their ultrasounds. Not sure what name to choose yet? Create a poll for friends and family to help you decide! Your baby’s TotSite is perfect for keeping a log of your baby’s progress in the womb with its easy-to-manage journal entries. Updates on your future arrival are in one convenient location!

Things to Try: (example site)

  • Poll Your Audience: What day of the week will the baby be born on? Who will s/he look more like? What name should we choose? Polls on your TotSite can be serious to silly…anything you can come up with!

  • Fun Facts: Fun facts are not just for Baby. You may want to use the custom fun fact feature to record your bellie size, favorite *odd* foods and more!

  • Baby’s Heartbeat: In addition to uploading visual images, you can also upload songs and sounds to entertain your TotSite’s guests. Wow them with your baby’s heartbeat from the womb or even your favorite songs.

  • Birthday/Special Event Tickers: Add visual “widgets” to your site to count down the days until your baby’s arrival, or even to a special event like a baby shower. Sites such as www.lilypie.com and tickers.baby-gaga.com write all the code for you – just cut and paste!

  • Registries: Want to give ideas for great baby shower gifts? Include links to all the stores you’re registered at.

  • Pregnancy Journal/Log Your Baby’s Progress: Keep everyone up-to-date on your baby’s progress, or even talk about great resources you’ve discovered as a parent-to-be.

From the moment your son or daughter enters the world, you are snapping photos and amassing pile after pile of camcorder tapes or DVDs with footage of – quite literally – everything they do. Sending gigabytes of photos or video via e-mail isn’t practical, especially if you have relatives who rely on a dial-up modem. Your TotSite can house all of these and more! With the click of a button, Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Steve are able to view a sophisticated slide show of their niece or nephew and even see their first steps with streaming video. And they’re so easy to create!

Things to Try: (example site)

  • Birth Announcement: Preserve your baby’s birth announcement in your digital scrapbook – TotSites are archival safe!

  • Quick Facts: Display your baby’s birth information or growth at-a-glance. It’s easy to toggle on and off!

  • Fun Facts: Has your son already taken a liking to ice cream? Has your daughter grown her first tooth? There are dozens of ready-to-choose from facts (e.g. the first bath, first word, first day of preschool) in a convenient drop-down menu, or you can create your own. You can even activate the feature of adding a random fun fact to your home page, which will change every time you load your home page.

  • More Tickers: Now that the baby has arrived, change the birth ticker into a birthday ticker, or even count down to a special vacation you’re going to take together. Make the ticker as unique as your tot!

  • Milestones: Your TotSite makes it easier than ever to show the milestones your baby reaches. Show them in the photo gallery, log them in the journal, upload your home movies – your online guest book will be filled with comments about how impressive your baby is (not that you didn’t know that already, of course)!

  • Keep it Safe: Like the best scrapbook materials, your TotSite is archival safe – and it’s even more so on a CD! It’s easy and inexpensive to order a keepsake CD to preserve those treasured memories.

  • Preemie Babies: Preemie babies are special and deserve a lot of attention, but sometimes the process of keeping everyone updated on his or her status can be overwhelming. Daily stats that you post to your site will be automatically sent to those who have subscribed to your TotSite.

Though it’s hard to believe a tiny newborn won’t stay tiny for long, soon your “little” one will be entering the busy life of a toddler. Luckily for you, your TotSite can keep up with him or her.

The wide variety of templates you have to choose from lets you select more mature themes, such as rainforest and pirate designs, as your child grows. Maybe they even have a favorite theme they want to use! Add growth charts and more fun facts as he or she gets ready to begin school. With this powerful resource at your fingertips, TotSites is a rewarding way to look back at how far your young one has come in such a short amount of time. Even you will be amazed at how quickly your child has gone from crawling underfoot to picking out their favorite bedtime storybook.

Things to Try: (example site)

  • Even more Tickers: When will Susie turn 4 years old? How soon before Johnny begins Kindergarten? Update your site’s ticker to show how much (and how quickly!) they have already grown.

  • Favorite Songs: Upload your child’s favorite song to your TotSite. Coming soon, you can even have it play in the background of your home page or journal!

  • Home Videos: Relatives aren’t always able to visit for every special occasion, but they don’t have to be left out altogether! Uploading humorous birthday party moments and your tot’s day-to-day achievements will let them get in on the fun.

  • Growth Chart: It’s easy to add entries to the TotSites growth chart. You might even see that you have a future basketball star in your household!

  • More Fun Facts: What is your son’s favorite book? Does your daughter have a beloved naptime toy? Easily update your Fun Facts to keep your guests posted (your child will be so excited that everyone knows all about them!).

  • Keepsake CDs for Relatives: Though it may sound surprising, not everyone is connected 24/7 to the internet. For relatives that don’t spend a lot of time online, order a keepsake CD of your growing tot to send during the holidays or just because. They’ll be able to see everything their little niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson has been up to during their first few years.


Now that you have learned about some of the key advantages of starting your Free TotSites, you should start sharing your memories now!


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