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Sharing Memories
by Rebecca Garland

Your child is precious. There is no way of knowing how meaningful every contented sign, hug, and kiss would be until you became a parent responsible for that little life. Fortunately, parents today care very much about preserving every moment of their little one’s childhood not only for the nostalgic value, but to share those memories as well.

These memories and moments will be ever meaningful to you as your angel moves away from teddy bears and into cleats and even college. Flipping through photo albums and baby books can bring back the wonderful rollercoaster of emotions as well as help you relive those blessed first steps and first days of school.

Of course, these memories are not solely the property of the parents. Family and friends love to stay informed, and someday, the subject of those videos will begin to show an interest. Having as many memories tucked away as possible will be one more way to show your little one how much he, and his whole life, means to you.

Scrap Booking and Photo Albums

There has never been a better time to preserve memories in a traditional format. Not only have photo albums become more advanced to protect your pictures, scrap booking has arrived in a big way. Preparing careful, colorful albums has become an exalted means of not only showing important moments in your child’s life, but highlighting important aspects of each moment and recording the details that might otherwise fade with time.

Diaries and Baby Books

The most classic of all memory books, the baby book, is still alive and well. These books are beautiful see and touch, and with the addition of relevant items and important memories, wonderful to read as well. While pictures can capture a moment, there is nothing more moving than a mother’s description of a baby’s birth and meaning in her life. Even simple entries about cutting teeth and rolling over can make a world of difference when that same child someday is trying to unravel the mystery of their own new baby.

Digital Cameras and Video

The advent of digital cameras brought with it both joy and consternation. It has never been easier to take countless photos, eliminate the less flattering images on the spot, and record every second. With this ease of use comes a small problem, however – what ever do you do with so many photos? Some, of course, will be printed out for albums and scrap books. The rest reside on the computer.

The same is true of video. Most of your adorable video clips are embedded between five or thirty minutes of not-so-adorable footage. Finding the time to edit and extract the best video can be challenging, but those who find the time greatly enjoy the finished product.

Websites and Online Resources

The internet has brought with it a solution to the conundrum the digital age presents. There are now many excellent online websites and resources for storing digital photos so that others may easily access and enjoy them. Some sites, such as Totsites.com, allow users to create entire websites resembling virtual scrapbooks with pictures, commentary, and even diary features for recording all aspects of memories online for family and friends.

Every parent knows the importance of a child’s arrival and feels compelled to document important memories as best they know how. There are many formats available to preserve moments, but what is most important is that you are there to enjoy as many of those times as possible with your little one. After all, your love and attention is what matters most.

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