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Using Google Video with Your TotSite

You may know that you can already upload videos 20MB or smaller directly to a Premium Plus TotSite. What if you have longer and, consequently, larger videos you want to share? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Google Video to include these larger video files without having them count against your TotSites storage space limit. Best of all, Google Video is free!

Don't have a Gmail account yet? Accounts are free!

NEW! You can also view a slideshow of this walkthrough - just navigate by clicking the right side of the image to go forward, left to go back. The left and right arrows on your keyboard will also work!

Upload your video to Google Video

  1. Once you have edited video footage using your favorite editing program (e.g. iMovie, Windows Movie Maker), save it in one of the following formats: .avi, .asf, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .ra, .ram, or .mod (Windows Movie Maker will most likely save this as a .wmv file by default). Google has several recommendations for maximizing the quality of your videos.
  2. Log into your Google Video account at http://video.google.com/ via Sign In at the top right-hand corner of the screen, or click on Upload Video.
  3. On the screen titled Upload and share your videos, click Browse and navigate to the video file you just saved. (Note: If your video is over 100MB, you'll need to install Google's Desktop Uploader). Select the video file and click Open.
  4. Complete some or all of the remaining fields to give your video a name, description, genre, language, and indicate if you want your video to be found by the general public or to be kept private (you will most likely want to choose the Unlisted option). Click the box to indicate you agree to the terms of using Google Video and click Upload Video.
  5. You will get a confirmation screen when your video has successfully uploaded (for larger videos, this may take several minutes). You will also receive a confirmation e-mail in your Gmail account.
  6. Depending on the size of your video, it will take a few minutes for it to become active on Google Video. You will know it's ready when the video's status changes from Processing to Live. Once your video is live, click View in the Status column.
  7. You can preview your video in the window that opens. If you're happy with it, look on the right side of the screen where you'll see the words Embed Video. Click that link and a box will appear with an "embed" code in it. You'll need this code to add the video to your TotSites account.
  8. Copy the embed code by clicking onto the code with your mouse (it will automatically highlight everything). Right-click and choose Copy from the menu that appears.

We're ready to put the video(s) you just uploaded on your TotSite!

Embed Google Video in your TotSite

  1. Log into your TotSite and click on the Photos/Video menu tab. Choose the Movies option from the submenu or the Video button on the main screen.
  2. In the Tasks and Tips section, click Add Home Movie, or in the Manage Movies section choose Add.
  3. You should now be on the Choose an upload Method for your movie screen. Choose Link to External Video.
  4. Provide a description for your video in the Movie Description field. In the section below that (Movie Code), this is where you'll need to paste the "embed" code from Step 8 by right-clicking on the field and selecting Paste. Click Add Movie.

You're done! Make sure that there is a checkmark next to your video in the Show Movie column so that it will appear on your actual TotSite. You and your visitors can now view the video you just added in the Videos section of your TotSite.

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