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Fun Baby Games
by Rebecca Garland

Babies love to play, but even with the exciting toys and movies available for young ones these days, their favorite games don’t involve anything more than your company. Here are few fun ideas of how to spend time playing with your baby.

Fly your older baby around on your knees. Lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. Lay a baby with good head control on his stomach on top of your knees with his face right above yours. Hold his body or his arms if your baby is considerably older. Then raise your legs slightly and help your baby “fly.” This game is even more fun with dramatic sound effects provided by, who else, you!

Object permanence might be a boring sounding milestone, but it’s great fun for babies. Play peek-a-boo with your baby to not only develop important cognitive skills, but for the fun of it. Hide your face behind a cloth or your hands. Then whip your hands away, make a fun face and say, “Peek-a-boo!”

Your baby may be startled at first, but she will warm up to this game quickly. You can play peek-a-boo by hiding yourself or by gently covering her eyes with a clean burp cloth or washcloth at bath time. Pretty soon, she’ll be playing her own version with you!

Simon Says
The earliest language skills are developed when your baby examines you speaking and “talks” back. Encourage this early form of communication with a fun game. Sit back on the sofa or a recliner with your knees up. Prop your baby up on your knees so that she is facing you. Talk to your baby about anything.

When she responds with a laugh, coo, or babble, repeat her “words” back to her.

This is reassuring to your baby that she is in fact communicating with you, plus it is pure fun to have a conversation with a baby well before any words have developed. For an especially fun variation, see if you baby will mimic your facial expressions such as sticking out your tongue or blowing raspberries.

Babies only a few weeks old might just surprise you with how carefully they watch and respond to you in some way. The best part of this game is that the more you play, the more bonding you have with your baby, and the more developed his language skills will become.

There is nothing more adorable than a good belly laugh from a baby. See if your baby is ticklish, and then tickle her in short bursts. Blow raspberries on her bare tummy, or tickle her on her sides. The bottoms of her feet might be sensitive. She may just look surprised and squirmy at first, but soon she’ll be laughing and enjoying the attention. Just be sure you don’t overwhelm her with tickling. This is definitely a game where a little tickle goes a long way.

Jump! Jump!
Help your baby exercise her legs by encouraging her to jump. Stand your baby in your lap while seated or on the floor in front of you. When her feet touch the ground help her “jump” up in the air. Let her back down slowly and then let her “jump” again. Pretty soon she’ll be helping you by jumping herself. Of course, this game not only gives your baby a bit of leg exercise, it can do wonders for developing your own arm muscles!

Be sure to record how Baby enjoys each of the games on your Baby Website. Not only is this a precious keepsake but friends & family can also enjoy those special moments!

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