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Why Baby Pictures Are So Important
by Rebecca Garland

All mothers love to have mementoes of their babies, but not all mothers understand exactly how critical these pictures and small memories are until it is too late to capture the moment in time. When you have a baby, it seems nothing will ever erase the moment from your mind, and you’re right – the first few moments with your baby will last. But it’s the moments that follow that first moment that can be lost no matter how much you promise yourself you’ll remember every detail of her whole precious life.

The Facts of the Matter
Unfair but true, your brain simply can’t handle information the way it did before you became a mother. There are many reasons for this, some proven by science and others only fiercely believed by scatterbrained mothers everywhere. Your brain processes information, including memories and ideas, while you are sleeping. The trouble with new mothers is that they’re simply never sleeping. You don’t sleep long enough to really rejuvenate your mind and much of the first year fades to a haze even before the days or weeks are passed.

The Silver Lining
Fortunately, your mind will record a few key moments, and the other memories and

impressions you don’t recall offhand can be brought back through the use of stimulus – namely pictures. Ask a table of mothers what they remember when their child was six months old and most will give a vague response or admit that those months are simply a blur of sleepless nights and overwhelming emotions.

Yet if you place a picture of their baby in front of them, they will instantly remember the scene, the time, the clothing, the details of the day and exactly what the little one was doing at the time. The memories are there, but they can be stored very deeply. The obvious solution is to take more pictures to be sure you can bring back those memories at will.

Making Memories
Pictures aren’t the only way to store away your memories. You can also make short videos to capture what still pictures can’t. Hear that silly laugh again or smile again in wonder at the early coos and signs of a sleeping newborn. There is even a way to stimulate the most powerful sense of all – scent. Keep baby’s blanket and a few of her tiny outfits. They should be washed, of course, but something of a smell memory can last in these items.

Using Pictures
Of course, if you take hundreds or even thousands of pictures and videos, they should be stored in a way that you can access them easily for small trips down memory lane. Online photo sharing or a photo box for printed pictures easily arranges pictures by date letting you watch your child grow before your very eyes. Sharing these pictures with others is simply a way to let others experience the true joy and wonder with you. Never ask yourself if you need another picture or if there is a point to take a picture of everyday events. If you think of the camera, grab it and take a picture. Every moment is wonderful and you’ll want to remember every single one of them – no matter how mundane they seem now.

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