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Helping Baby Sleep – Quickly!

Babies love sleep, but sometimes – for no fault of their own – they can't seem to fall asleep very well or very quickly. When this happens, your little one needs your help. The mission? Help baby fall asleep quickly! The tools? Only your wits and unfailing devotion to your little one. Fortunately, mothers have used these tools for generations without fail and you can, too.

A Quick Meal – When you're tired and grouchy, and you can't seem to fall asleep, there's nothing like a full tummy to make you drowsy. This is exactly what baby is thinking, too. When she's had a long day and plenty of stimulation, it might be hard to settle down. Yet, when you settle baby down for a solid meal, the comfort of nursing or drinking from a bottle along with the soothing dark and perhaps a bit of rocking will help her calm down and ultimately drift off.

Rhythmic Movement – There's a reason we all get so tired riding in a car or on a train. That constant movement of the wheels makes it hard to stay awake as it rocks us. Your baby is soothed in a similar way through constant movement. Some babies prefer the gentle movement of a stroller or car ride while others are just mad at the gentle movement and want something more substantial.

These babies prefer a more vigorous swing in the infant seat or a swooshing motion while held in mom's arms. Whatever the reason, having that constant, steady motion overcomes the little one and soon you'll see the little eyes drifting shut. Keep up the motion for a while after her eyes shut, however, if you have any hope of making baby sleep soundly.

Pats and Jiggles – While some babies love to be moved in a rhythmic pattern, others enjoy the feeling of the steady rhythm on their backs or even their little diapered bottoms. A steady pat-pat-pat on the back of baby while you walk her around before bedtime is much like a massage in the infant world and that patting becomes almost hypnotizing and soothing. After a bit of walking and patting, it is the rare baby that can stay awake, especially if you've swaddled the baby beforehand.

Skin Contact – The sweet innocent of your baby's skin feels like magic on your own, and it would appear the feeling is mutual. If your baby is having a hard time settling down, consider putting her bare chest to yours while reclining on the couch. The touch of your skin to hers is simply soothing. In that position, she can also feel your heartbeat, much like she did in the womb.

Even if she doesn't fall asleep, many restless babies are content to rest and relax in this potions for a time, comforted by the most pleasant surroundings of all – the warmth and love of Mom's skin along with the same steady heartbeat they experienced in the womb for nine months.

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