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Fun Ways to Show Off Your Baby
by Rebecca Garland

As a mother, you walk a fine line between bragging and simply being proud of your baby. Emailing pictures every week of your little one’s newest accomplishment is not the greatest way to share your joy and love, although it will certainly be duly noted. Fortunately there are great ways to showcase your little one without being that overbearing mom that sends other running – well, maybe a little overbearing, but that’s the right of every mom!

Start a Bulletin Board
If you have wall space at work, start a bulletin board or memo board to showcase pictures of your little one. Bring new pictures every month or so and you can add them to the collection. If you put the board in a location where people naturally stand, they won’t be able to help but see your little angel. When they admire her, you can update them on everything the pictures are showing with the confidence of knowing they mentioned your child first.

Build a Website
A website, no matter how simple or complex, is a great way to share photos and notes with friends and family. Build the website and send out a short announcement when you’ve updated it if you’d like. This gives others a choice about going to the site without having to handle large emailed photo attachments that can be cumbersome in your inbox. You can also link to the website through your signature. You might not have the option at work, but you can certainly modify the signature of your personal email account to show the web address every time you send a new message.

Create a Photo Signature
In forums and in emails, you can create a signature using a photo montage of your child. Pull your favorite photos and work in Photoshop or with another software to blend the images with color and creativity. Your signature will be an unobtrusive way to show off just how adorable your child is with every email, IM or forum post. Just be careful to make the signature a reasonable size as you don’t want to crash anyone’s server with a huge graphical display.

Make a Brag Book
Retailers that sell photo albums often have the smallest albums available or even just envelopes especially designed to hold a handful of pictures. These are often called brag books and are very popular with grandparents and mothers alike. Dads might keep a brag book at the office, but most likely he doesn’t have a purse handy to hold it. Should anyone mention your child in conversation, you can bring up your new pictures and would that person like to see your angel? When you get a yes, you can whip out your brag book and show her just a handful of the most precious images you have. Be sure to keep your brag book updated as you never know when you’ll have a chance to use it!

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