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Finding Time to Work with Baby Around

Having an infant around means you might not have much time left to actually do anything around the house. All baby needs is to have a cranky day of teething and suddenly, you're spending your time soothing and carrying her around and not getting much done in the way of laundry, dishes or meal preparation. It gets even more difficult if you're trying to find time without resorting to letting your baby fuss in her crib or flipping on the electronic babysitter we call the television.

Wear the Baby
If you haven't already broken out your sling or front carrier, this is the time. Baby is fussing and needs to be held, and you need your arms. This is why the slings and carriers were invented in the first place. Not only will you feel better knowing your baby is close by your heart and hopefully comfortable, but she'll also likely be lulled to sleep by your movements.

Be sure to check the safety specifications for the sling or carrier, however, as it's easy to wear the baby incorrectly and hurt your back or make your baby uncomfortable. Once you figure out how to wear your baby, however, you'll realize just how much you can do while keeping her comfortable.

If you have an older baby, she might enjoy riding facing forward to see what's happening around her or checking out the scenery of the living room and kitchen in a hiking backpack. It feels foolish to wear a hiking backpack around the house, but if it means you get the dusting done before your mother-in-law comes to visit, it's worth it.

Work in Short Bursts
Even the best baby will only play contentedly for a few minutes at a time. To make the chores and work possible, you'll need to compartmentalize the work into the twenty minute naptime or the five minutes that your baby is content in the baby seat.

It's a bit stressful, but it's amazing how much you can really do when you plan for these short burst of productivity. Fold one basket of laundry in five minutes and then move baby to another station – the swing, the baby seat, the exersaucer – and do another load. When naptime comes around, skip the cool drink on the couch and take care of the big jobs.

Quit Sleeping When Baby's Sleeping
When you have a newborn, you're told countless times to sleep when the baby is sleeping. But there comes a time when you'll have to give up this luxury – and it is a luxury, think about what it will be like to be home with a toddler and infant someday. Once you realize that just sleeping eight or nine hours (in short bursts still, but it improves) at night, you gain all of those little naptimes for work during the day.

Twenty minutes here and there and maybe even an hour or two in other parts of the day give you more than enough time to take care of the household chores and maybe even get ahead on those thank you notes for all those baby gifts. And you might just start to feel in control of this crazy new life you lead.

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