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Babies and Recessions: 4 Ways to Save Money

Polls have shown that many families are postponing having additional children or even deciding against increasing their families due to the ongoing recession. The tougher financial times makes it a challenge to pay for all of the necessary items that baby needs, but while you can’t eliminate every pregnancy and new parent expense, you can trim costs considerably, even during a recession, should you decide that your family needs to keep on growing regardless of the economic state.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
If you’re considering a second baby, simply keep everything you used for your first and you’ll need to buy only diapers and possibly formula. Storing all of that baby gear can take a lot of space, but doing so lets you save all kinds of money as you have additional children. Don’t be fooled, however, by the baby advertisements urging you to buy the latest and greatest models of everything. What you used for your first baby is perfectly fine for your second. The exception would be anything that is now broken, worn-out or recalled for safety issues.

Beg, Borrow and Steal
If you’re having your first baby and the expenses of buying all of the new baby gear is overwhelming with other budget difficulties, start putting out feelers to friends and family members who have had babies recently. Most of these families keep the baby gear in storage waiting for the next round of children. Simply ask if you can borrow the bigger items if they aren’t using them. With any luck you can borrow or have almost everything you need. Be sure to write the name of the owner on the item in a clear spot to ensure it is returned.

Register Wisely
If you’re lucky enough to have a shower thrown in your honor, use the party, and especially the gifts, as a time to take care of many items. When registering, keep your registry simple, focusing only on the items you truly need. When shower guests by you items from the registry, you’ll be sure to get the things you need rather than things that are more superficial. Although you can certainly count on a few pairs of booties and adorable baby clothes at a shower, too.

Make Do with What You Have
If you didn’t get the exact baby swing and high chair you wanted at your shower and your sister just won’t let you borrow the execsaucer you’ve had your eye on, don’t sweat it. Babies might grow quickly, but you don’t need to start with everything on the list, and indeed you don’t really need everything, or even half of, the items outlined on the suggested baby gear lists.

Many parents never use a swing at all. The high chair won’t be used until your baby is closer to six or seven months giving you plenty of time to request it at Christmas or look for one in a garage sale or consignment shop. Time changes all things, and so long as you have the basics – a way to get your baby home, a bed for her, food and clothing to keep her warm, she won’t care if she has to wait a few months for an execsaucer.

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