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Eight Tips for Easier Baby Baths
by Rebecca Garland

Bath time with baby is great fun, but can be a lot of work and a whole lot of mess. Of course a few splashes add to the excitement, but here are a few tips that might make the whole process – including clean-up - a bit simpler.

Rotate Nights
Your baby only needs to be lathered up every other night or even every three nights unless she’s really dirty on a particular day. Instead of risking drying her skin with too much soap too often, skip the soap, shampoo and bubbles every other night and just use water instead. You can still use the sweet smelling baby lotion, so the only difference is how easy your night off from washing tiny toes will be.

Stay Seated
Babies are tricky in the in between stages of bathing. Early baths are simple in reclining baby seats and later baths are even easier when baby sits on her own safely.

Consider a baby seat for the tub that has a strap or a plastic tub seat for baby in these awkward stages between compliant infants and self assured sitters. Not only will she be safe, you’ll be able to use both of your hands to wash her instead of keeping her from rolling over into the water.

Skip the Baby Tub
As your baby grows, or even early on, you might notice that your baby tub is a hassle. It’s big and bulky and your baby doesn’t fit as well as you’d like. Why not skip it all together? Invest in a tub seat and wash your baby directly in the big tub.

Double Tubs
If you can’t fathom your tiny baby in the big tub, just put your little tub inside the big one. That way any splashes and drainage is all contained in the right place and your little one gets used to the idea of taking a bath in the big tub down the road.

Get a Knee Mat
The worst part of bathing a baby in a real tub is the suffering your knees endure. Invest in a gardening knee pad or just fold up a thick towel to use under your knees while you wash your baby.

Get Big Towels
Baby towels are cute, there is no doubt about it, and you should use them when your babies are tiny. But when your baby starts to look about as big as the towel, just grab your standard bath towel and dry her off. You’ll be amazed at how much more water absorbent and simpler the big towels are.

Let Her Play
Bath time might be just one more thing on the list of things to do in your day, but its great fun for your little one (once she reaches a certain point.) So let her play! Not only will the warm water relax her as she gets ready for bedtime, you can use the time to sit back and relax while you interact with your baby without any other distractions.

Double Duty
If you have more than one child relatively close in age, bathe them together as often as possible. Baby can sit in her bath seat while Big Sister plays at the other end of the tub. By bathing two at once, you’re able to save time and provide entertainment for everyone.

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