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4 Ways to throw a Birthday Party on a Budget

Birthday parties are expensive, especially when you rent one of the top venues in your area. While we’d all love to give our children everything they could possibly want on this special day, most of the time it’s simply not in the budget. If you baby is hitting a major milestone and you want to try a party that’s not out of control spending-wise, there are plenty of options.

Share a Venue – If your toddler is turning three around the same time as one of his friends from preschool, get in cahoots with the parents of the other child and throw a joint party. Large inflatable jumpers or renting a party spot can be costly, but when the cost is shared between two families, things are a bit more manageable. Sharing a party with a friend from school or in your close neighborhood group also means you’ll be inviting many of the same people so the crowd doesn’t necessarily double and double those expenses.

Look for Fun, Free Locations – Get outside of the normal routine for toddler birthdays and consider the things you do for fun already. Does your neighborhood have a swimming pool or playground? Are there any pavilions in your area or parks with picnic tables? Entertainment centers designed for tourism also might have picnic grounds or a bit of free entertainment such as a water park or a boardwalk you could incorporate into a party.

To take advantage of many of these venues, you’d want to check to see if you need to reserve the tables ahead of time, but you’ll discover that most areas simply require you to show up and get the tables before anyone else does.

Have a Party At Home – Your home is a nice place to have a party. Granted you’ll be doing quite a bit of cooking and cleaning to prepare, but having the party at home means you’ll be saving on the cost of renting a location and you can use your own dishes, cups and entertainment. Many toddlers are thrilled to simply play with toys for an hour before having cake and ice cream. You can borrow large toys, such as inflatable jumpers or a plastic playhouse and slide from friends to make your home more interesting for the younger crowd.

Have an Activity Party – Rather than entertaining young children through rented activities, have the children engage in activities. Let the little ones decorate their own cookies to enjoy at cake time or put the icing and sprinkles on their own cupcakes. Then help the guests put together picture frames or placemats using inexpensive foam stickers.

Finally, spend some time playing with clay or dough and cookie cutters or other fun craft tools. Crafts are not expensive to begin with in most cases and doing crafts with six or eight kids instead of your only child will not cost much. You’ll just want to warn parents ahead of time to dress their children appropriately for the activity and to be ready to help.

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