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3 Tips for Better Outings with Baby
by Rebecca Garland

Taking your baby out and about is good for both of you. You get a break from the house and its endless routines, and your baby learns from every experience, especially those that are new. But heading out with your baby on short notice can make even the most seasoned mom nervous. Making these outing easier is the key to reducing the anxiety of the whole event.

Tip #1 – Get a Good Stroller
There are so many kinds of strollers it can be a bit daunting to pick the best one. In fact, there might be more than a single “best” stroller for your household. A jogging stroller is great for walks through the park. A large pram is good for strolling along in shopping centers and other areas where you need help carrying your purchases, and a folding umbrella stroller is great for older babies without taking up much space at all.

Many families simply adopt a full arsenal of strollers for various events, and keeping at least one in your vehicle is always a good idea should you need it unexpectedly.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Diaper Bag Stocked
If you don’t regularly refill your diaper bag, you’re eventually going to get caught without a diaper or wipe in the worst of situations. Make it a point to keep only nonperishable items in the center of your diaper bag with any perishables on the outside. This will allow you to grab bottles and baby food from an outside pouch when you get home without having to remember to dig down into the diapers and wipes.

Loading up the inside with the basics – diapers, wipes and a couple of clean outfits will go far. A small bottle or cup is another nice emergency item to have along with a container with dry snacks that can be sealed and stored for some time. When you arrive home from your outing, make it a point to restock the bag immediately. That way you remember what you used and you’ll always have what you need when you’re ready to walk out the door.

In similar fashion, grab a handful of plastic zipper bags. Put a few diapers into a gallon bag and a folded handful of wipes into a snack-size bag. Squeeze out all the air and place the wipes bag into the gallon bag with the diapers. Store the emergency kits in each car and one in your purse. Now you’ll always be covered no matter where you are.

Tip #3 – Find a Comfortable Pace
When you’re out shopping or running errands with a baby, you’ll likely have to leave behind the frantic pace you once enjoyed as a carefree individual. You don’t just run in anywhere when a stroller and carseat are required and certain shops lose their appeal when you’re dealing with a fussy little one.

Trying to rush will only result in stress and agitation for you and your baby. Instead, set a reasonable goal of what to do and where to go. Do the errands in the order of importance so that anything that gets pushed back until after naptime or even until the following weekend isn’t particularly critical.

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