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How do I add a ticker to my TotSite ?

You can add and showcase many popular tickers to several areas of your TotSite including the homepage and journal pages. To add a ticker to your site:

  1. Login to your TotSite.
  2. Locate the page where you want the ticker (use the General tab for the homepage).
  3. In the Easy Edit toolbar click on the "HTML" icon. This will popup a new window.
  4. In the new window, enter the ticker code given to you from the Ticker site (some examples of sites who provide tickers are: lilypie.com , tickercentral.com ).
  5. Click on the "save changes" button. This will close the new window and save your changes.
  6. Be sure to scroll down and save the pages made to the General page.

Note: If the "HTML" icon does not work for you, you can simply turn off the "Easy Edit" toolbar using the link to the left of the text area. After you have turned off the Easy Edit toolbar simply enter your ticker code in the text area and save your changes.