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How do I add photos to my website using the EZ Upload feature?

To add photos using the EZ Upload:

  • Login to your TotSite
  • Navigate to the Photos/Videos section
  • Click on the Photos button
  • Choose the EZ Upload button
  • You will be prompted to install an “Active X” or “Java” control by Aurgrima Inc. if you have not used this feature before, follow the instructions to install it.
  • The Upload Photos box will open and you will need to select which Photo Gallery you would like it to be uploaded into.
  • Find the photos you wish to upload. You can only upload from one folder at a time. (**Hint – If you have many photos from different folders that you wish to upload, copy and paste your photos into one upload folder.**)
    • You will need to check the box for the picture you want or use the Select All button above the Upload button
    • Within this box, you can also rotate photos, add descriptions to each photo and view thumbnails. There are no file size limitations as the photos will be optimized prior to uploading and will reduce the amount of time it takes to upload.
  • Click on the Upload Photo button
  • When finished, it will give you a window saying Upload Complete

You must wait for the photo to completely upload before you navigate away from this page.