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How do I upload more then one photo at a time to my TotSite?

You have two choices to add more than one photo at a time on TotSites.

The easiest way is to use the EZ Upload feature. You will need to install either an “Active X” or “Java” control by Aurgrima Inc. These tools are part of a non-obtrusive program that makes this feature possible. Many of you may be familiar with these types of tools if you have used SnapFish, Costco, Kodak Easy Share Gallery, Shutterfly etc. See the EZ Upload help topic on how to upload photos using EZ Upload.

To use the One by One feature to upload more than one photo at a time you must create a ZIP file containing the photos to be uploaded. To use this feature, your files must meet the following criteria:

  • The images in your ZIP file must be a supported image format. (The supported image formats are: JPG, JPEGs, GIF, PNG, TIFF and BMP files. JPG is the preferred file format.)
  • Photos must not contain spaces or other non-supported characters in the file name
  • Any embedded directory path information or folders. Refer to the Help section of your ZIP program for instructions on not saving directory path information or folders
  • Individual photos must *not* exceed 3 megabytes. If one photo is larger it will prevent the others from loading properly.

To create a ZIP file that contains your photos:

  1. Download WinZip or another Zip utility program if your computer does not already have such a program. (If you are using Windows XP, highlight the photos you would like to use, right click, and "Send to Compressed Zip Folder")
  2. Add the images to the ZIP file. You can do this by finding the image files on your computer; highlight the ones you would like to upload, right mouse click, and select "Add to ZIP." Use "Ctrl+click" if the files are not in order.
  3. Save the ZIP file to your computer.

To upload the ZIP file:

  1. Access the Photo section of your TotSite.
  2. Click [Browse] and select your file (as the photo file).
  3. Click Upload Photo.

The total size of your ZIP file should be under 10MB. (Some browsers impose a lower limit). If you are trying to upload a large ZIP file and it does not work, try creating two or more ZIP files with your photos and uploading them separately.

If you have any questions please contact support.